Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Consignment Dresses!

I went to a second hand designer consignment store in Santa Monica a little while ago when I was bored one day.  I never go to these and I don't know why!  I think the ones in my area are probably pretty good since there are lots of rich housewives around lol.  But in the store, everything I saw was pretty much brand new.  A lot of items even still had their original tags on.  I happily left with two dresses!  One is the Tory Burch Nicola dress, and another is a French Connection silk dress with embellishments.  I got both for like $100 and it looks like they have never been worn.  The French Connection dress is perfect for holiday parties, which I have 4 of this week!

Here it is... 

I think this fit is kind of hit or miss, but this one is pretty good since it doesn't look super baggy and unflattering from any angle.  I was surprised by how much I liked it.

The annoying thing with it is that every time I put it on and take it off, a lot of sequins fall off lol.  There are some missing from the design now, and it was all my own doing!  But it's not super obvious so whatevers.  

I like the keyhole back:

Overall it's a simple dress with the right amount of embellishments for holiday parties.  Since it's 100% silk though, it is not stretchy at all and it's somewhat of a challenge to take off.

Next, I also like the Tory Burch Nicola dress a lot, and it is much more casual.  The fit is awesome though.  It's a size S and fits perfectly.  The material of this dress is actually silk as well.  But it's a heavy and thick material.  Very much like the silk used in the DvF wrap dresses.

The pattern can give you a headache in pictures though lol:

The waist tie is removable.  So you can also wear it without:

The zipper pull is a huge gold TB logo:

This dress is made really well.  I think it's a steal at $50 or whatever.  Hahaha.

Well, I will make a point to visit these stores more often because you just never know what goodies you will find!  It does require patience to sift through everything though, which is kind of my downfall.  The store I went to was very neat and well organized though.  It's also got great reviews on yelp.  I'd say definitely check it out if you live in the area!

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