Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Nike Dunk Sky Hi Wedge Sneakers

I went to Bloomingdales on Sunday, and happened upon their "50% off of sales" shoe section.  I actually didn't even know that when I stumbled up on these Nike Dunk Sky Hi wedge sneakers in black/anthracite/cool gray.  When I got to the register and found out they were only $50ish after tax, I was so stoked!  That's definitely the lowest price I've ever seen these shoes go for.  They only had one pair left, and they were size 5, so that's why they were marked down so low.  I couldn't even believe they were size 5!  I usually wear 6, sometimes even 6.5 in Nike shoes.  Though admittedly, these are a tiny bit tight in the toe area.  But still totally fine.  I guess size 5.5 would have been absolutely perfect, but hey... I take what I can get!

I've actually been eyeing this Nike wedge sneaker line for a while now.  I even custom built one on their website!  I just didn't come through with actually ordering them haha.  I'm pretty happy with the ones I found at Bloomies (though of course different from what I built online)!  I am a sucker for this kind of embossed print on black:

The hidden wedge in these is only 2.6 inches, so they are not super high.  They are pretty comfortable though!  I am going to use these to replace my French Connection Maria black wedge sneakers.  Those are just not that comfortable.  Plus, the Nikes are cooler looking.

I am a big fan of wedge sneakers.  I really wear all of mine constantly.  Nike makes soooo many different colors in these now.  They are kind of expensive at full price ($120 for solid, $125 for prints).  So I'd just wait for a sale.  Nike has some colors for $85 and some for $95 in a few colors.  Not bad.  I'm considering getting black/white colorblocked ones at some point.  

Footlocker has a whole lot of color ranges, with some on sale more than others.  I am liking all of these a lot... wish I could have them all lol.  

Black/Sail/Medium Mint

Cargo Khaki/SailGum Med Brown

Met Luster/SailGum Med Brown 

You can also custom built a pair on Nike's website here for $175.

The moral of the story is... I really need a fitness closet.  Sigh...


  1. How tall is the actual wedge in those? I've always wondered.

    1. I actually stated in the post that they are 2.6 inches... not very high, still comfortable enough! =)

  2. What do you wear them with? I noticed Alala uses them in their stock pics.

    1. I wear them with jeans (usually skinny jeans with the cuffs rolled up) or workout tights, majority of the time. I've also worn them with boot cut jeans or yoga pants. Sometimes I wear them with shorts. And sometimes I think they look ok with certain dresses (ike tennis style dresses) too but I haven't really worn them out like that! They go with a lot! Haha.


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