Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Hi everyone!  Guess what??  I am typing from my new MacBook Pro!  I just picked it up a couple hours ago.  :D  It doesn't have everything from my old MacBook transferred over yet, but I am loving how much faster it is, and the retina display!  My old MacBook is 7 years old already!  So it doesn't have any of the fancy new stuff.  I am really happy that it has lasted so long though!  I got my money's worth on that one.  But it was time for an upgrade, because it started doing weird things sometimes... like randomly clicking stuff on its own!  I had facebook open in my browser the other day, and it started clicking on everyone's profile!  LOL!  So at that point, I thought I better get a new one before I get in trouble.  But ever since I took the new laptop home, it's been acting perfectly fine.  It's like a little child that knows it's in trouble!  Well... too late.  Now that this new baby set me back $1600 bucks, I'll be using it for the next 10 years!  =P

You can see the reflection of my hands taking this picture... haha!

So today was the LA Marathon, and I thought about going out there to watch but ended up watching on TV at home.  I know, I'm so lame!  But when I did go outside to the Apple store, it was soooo hot!  I can't believe the poor runners had to endure that kind of heat... I think 82 degrees by the time I got outside.  It was pouring rain last year.  I'm not sure which one is better!  I command all you marathon runners out there.  I just can't imagine running that long at one time.

Anyways!  I continued getting up at 4 am this week to hit the gym before work!  I still love it!  But not sure how tomorrow will go for me, since daylight saving was today and now I'll have to be up another hour earlier than my body is used to!  Yikes!

Monday 3/3 - Rest day

Tuesday 3/4
What I did:  Legs!  Then 30 minutes of my usual 15% incline MIIT session on the treadmill.

What I wore:  I went a little crazy!  New Ivivva Rhythmic crop in pow pink light/flash light/creamsicle pop, with Splits59 Sabrina Razor tank in teal/navy/fire.  Kept the shoes a bit low key with the New Balance Minimus Road shoes.

Lululemon Nice Asana jacket in plum as to and from!  =P

Wednesday 3/5
What I did:  Shoulder & tri, followed by cardio session again.

And Splits59 Venus jacket as to and from!

Thursday 3/6
What I did:  Biceps and back, then cardio!

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in majestic (did you know this is my very first cool racerback I ever bought??). I layered my bras - Lorna Jane Portia bra in hyper lime over Lululemon free to be bra in power purple (I only put cups in one bra when I layer).  Lululemon wunder under crops in silverspoon pique, and Nike Free Bionics in purple so that it matches the bra combo... lol.

The Lorna Jane bra stays hidden perfectly under cool racerbacks on the back, so you only see the free to be bra straps.

Lululemon Journey Jacket as to and from:

Friday 3/7
What I did:  Leg day again.  I didn't do cardio after so it was actually a relatively short one.

It's hard to get the camo print to show up on photos well, but the side view is slightly better:

Saturday 3/8
What I did:  Last weights workout of the week, which is upper body supersets.  Then my 30 minute cardio session again!

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in fatigue camo with Lululemon centered energy bra in flash under it.  Lululemon wunder under crops in bordeaux drama, and NB shoes.

Lululemon Lift Your Spirits jacket as to and from - I wore a lot of oldies this week!

Sunday 3/9
What I did:  20 minutes of stair run!  Today was extra brutal, probably because I skipped the last couple weeks, and it was extremely hot today.

I think those 2-days-per-week leg days are paying off.  I've finally got them toned up a little!  Maybe I can wear shorts more often!  :D

Alright, I'm going to have to go to bed now if there's any hope of getting up at 4!  I hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Good luck with your morning workouts. That's when I prefer to run. I overslept today so 4 miles became 1.65 mi.

  2. Congrats on the new MacBook purchase! Love your Ivviva tights:). Your legs always look great, but this week they look especially amazing!!

    I just have to share, I ran the LA Marathon yesterday and totally thought of you! As I was running through WeHo I'm 99% certain I spotted Bob Harper walking a really cute dog. I was going to run over and ask to take a pic, but didn't want to stop since I was well on my way to PR'ing. Hehe, only in LA, right?

    1. Ahh... thank you!! I have a real love/hate relationship with leg workouts! =P

      Congrats on the marathon!! Were you able to surpass your PR?? It was so hot yesterday, I would have died! That's so funny about Bob Harper! I'm sure he would have obliged taking a pic with you! Although... He's not as nice in person as he is on TV I think... at least based on my personal experience of meeting him lol.

    2. I did PR by about 30 min and it was really awesome. The heat was killer though. I couldn't believe how many people had to be taken away in ambulances. I've never seen anything like that at a race! And lol re: Bob. Good thing I didn't stop;).

    3. Oh wow congrats!! That's awesome, especially in the sweltering heat! Did you think you would beat your PR by that much or were you surprised? That is crazy about the ambulances! I saw on TV that quite a few people collapsed. Scary! One of my coworkers ran it too, but I think he was really slow... lol!

  3. I love Thursdays outfit with the perfectly matching laces and shoes with shirt and bra!
    I agree with you about daylight savings. I tried to get to bed at a decent time yesterday so I could maintain my 4:30am workout wake up. So far so good. I haven't crashed yet but the day is young lol

    1. Haha I know what you mean! I did get up early this morning and got my workout in. Then I felt really tired by around 9. Now I'm ok again, but it's not even noon yet so I might be under the desk in a couple hours! :) I noticed while I was driving to the gym this morning that the clock in my car still said 3:55... soooo early!

      I think I'm going to play with layering bras more often. I started layering thin tanks (like the Splits59 Ashby tanks), but layering bras is fun too! Sooo many new possibilities! :D

  4. My MacBook is 8 years old and still works great! Your Facebook clickings sounds like a virus to me but I don't know if that's actually possible with Mac. I have never heard of someone having a virus on a Mac. It must be possible! Congratulations for your update :)

    1. I think the problem is that somehow it got so hot that the battery on the bottom of the laptop became swollen...?!? I didn't think that could even happen, and I have no idea when it happened. But anyway it started bulging out of its slot. So now the bottom of my old laptop is actually curved where the battery sits. I think that must have caused issues with the track pad. It doesn't fully click anymore, and the clicking stuff by itself... lol. I think it's better if I just take out the battery and only use the power cord. But... I was definitely due for a new one! This retina display is SO nice! Now I look back at my old laptop and I can't believe I used to stare at that... haha! Hey 8 years is seriously a dinosaur in computer age! Congrats! You definitely got your money's worth. :)

  5. I normally change it every 3 years it just won't break! And I'm done with school so I only use it to back up my iPad and iPhone and when I can't open a page on iPad. That MacBook was definitely a good purpose never thought it will last that long!

  6. the grey (tights) looks too light in color, i fear that they are too revealing... would you agree or are they ok in person?

    1. The silverspoon pique ones? They are a very light gray in person with horizontal textured look to it. I'm not sure what you mean by revealing? They are pique so they are a thicker knit and not sheer at all.


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