Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lululemon Run On Duffel in Petal Pop Multi - So Pretty!

I splurged on a new Lululemon gym bag!  I have 3 already, BUT... I haven't bought a new one in years, and I use all 3 of my bags on rotation each time I go out of town as overnight bag or carry on.  I've been using the Foxy Plaid Jumpstart gym bag as my daily gym bag, you know... to actually carry to and from the gym?  Hehe.  But when I saw the Run On Duffel in the store, I fell in love with it!  I actually first saw the cadet blue one, and it was on sale for $89.  I almost bought it.  Then I saw the petal pop multi one at a different store a couple weeks later, loved it but didn't want to spend $128+ tax on it.  Of course since then I had been thinking about it and wishing I had bought it.  So last week when I saw it on one of the Lululemon facebook groups from someone wanting to part with it, I decided it was my chance to buy it!  It was still new with tag, and she was selling it for a couple bucks below retail, so I ended up saving a little bit too!  =P

Here's my pretty... I received it yesterday and ripped the tag off like it's nobody's business... already used it twice!

I love the petal pop multi print with the mesh over it.  Makes the print look less girly!  Here's a close up of the print with mesh over:

It has a pretty blue shoulder strap... it definitely stands out! 

There are huge mesh side pockets on both sides of the bag.  I think they are perfect for storing my gloves and grips, because that way they can air out and not be in the same compartment as my makeup, hair brush, etc.

And yes, I do have pink camo workout gloves.  =D

The side pockets can be cinched on top to secure items inside:

Another feature I think is pretty cool is the handle straps with the loop on one of them which you can wrap around the other handle and tie them together:

The main compartment zipper is white, it stands out quite a lot too:

There is one zipper pocket on the outside of the bag, it's meant for cell phones and little things like that:

But it goes quite deep... My entire hand fits inside:

Now onto the inside of the bag... it has 3 zipper pockets total.  If I were being picky, I wish there were mesh side pockets on the inside too.

The zipper pocket behind the "sweat it out" sign is as wide as the bag.  It's meant for your "sweaty unmentionables".

On the opposite side of that, there is a mesh pocket with another "tablet" pocket behind it which are both quite large as well:

It also comes with a removable shoe pouch.  I love this feature in Lululemon gym bags.  They removed it for a while, but I'm glad it's back.  My Nikes fit inside perfectly:

So, if you look at this bag in person, it's a pretty small gym bag.  The measurements are 18.5 X 10 X 10.  The smaller size is precisely the reason I wanted it.  My Jumpstart gym bag is too wide to fit in the locker at the gym.  This one fits perfectly.  It is more structured as well, so it doesn't need to be full to look good.

This is what it looks like on me... it's the perfect size for an overnight trip too!  I guess the straps on the outside can hold a yoga mat too.  It's a nice feature that I'll never use.

I'm really loving my new gym bag!!  I do think the $128 price tag is a bit steep for a gym bag though.  But at least this one looks very different!  And if you use it everyday, it will be worth it pretty soon.  =)

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  1. I love my lululemon gym bags. I use one as a gym bag (a duffel from 2010) and I have another that I use as my work bag (I think the carry me om bag). They both carry a lot and have great pockets!

    1. They made good bags back then! Cheaper too. That's around the time I got the Jumpstart duffels. Then I got the Bon Voyage duffel a little later. That one has a million pockets! Love the deep green color too.

  2. Someone got some new wedge sneakers......!!

  3. Pretty bag!

    But I normally don't use such gym bags. Too taxing on the shoulders. I use my rebecca minkoff cupid and a nike shoe bag.

  4. was able to buy this bag on MD for $79. :)


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