Monday, March 3, 2014

Ivivva Rhythmic Crop!

Have you guys ever taken a look at the Lululemon's line for young girls called Ivivva?  I've heard of it but never looked on that site before since I don't have kids... until a lovely reader kindly informed me about these new Rhythmic space dye crops they got last week!  They are pow pink light/flash light/creamsicle pop, which are all Lululemon colors.  I like them so much better than the recent Lulu space dye wunder under crops that had pink and cadet blue.  Although, I think I do love the look of the fatigue green space dye ones, but apparently Lulu had a sneaky upload of them on some random day and I totally missed out.  :(  So, if anyone has an extra pair of size 4, I'll take them off of your hands!  :)

I was told that Ivivva size 12 = Lululemon size 4.  But when I went to order, they were sold out of size 12 and 14.  So I took a chance and ordered size 10.  I was pretty sure that I'd have to return them.  But they actually fit!  Crazy!  I actually laid them on top of my size 4 Lululemon wunder under crops (bordeaux drama) and they are exactly the same width and rise.

They are about 2 inches shorter though, and a little skinnier in the legs:

I'm fine with this length though.  I actually find most Lululemon crops to be a little long anyway.  The Ivivva crops are really pretty in person.  The color is more vibrant than the online photos.  The material feels exactly the same as Lulu crops.  The waistband is not as wide but it's still wide enough for me.  Same triangular gusset.  I really like them, especially for only $48!  Here they are on me:

The colors kind of blow out the picture!

I wish they had put the Ivivva logo on the back of the waistband instead of the lower left leg:

The hidden pocket is on the back of the crops, instead of the front like Lulu crops.  That seems a little inconvenient, but I never use these pockets so whatever.

The Ivivva shopping tote is so much better than Lulu's!  It has a flap and can be secured on the bottom.  I like it!

I guess Ivivva sells out quick too because when I went back to look at these just now, I saw that they are all sold out already.  :(  Dang!  I bet a lot of adults (like me lol) buy them for themselves!  These are actually my first pair of bright pink tights!  I am getting bored with my mostly black and gray collection, so it's good to start throwing some crazy colors/prints into the mix.  I might have to start paying more attention to Ivivva in the future!

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  1. they look super cute! i'm tired of my blacks and dark colors. and white and light colors are too sheer. i cannot wear without feeling vulnerable (i haven't found a white pair of bottoms, and it's not from a lack of trying!).

  2. These look great but for the color my 12 year old daughter wants black ivivva crops!!!

  3. Do u wanna go out with me Mr. Dylan

  4. Lets go to Lee's Korean on Clarke Drive pick u up a 6:30 2morrow. Ok?

  5. gr8 luv u Dylan can i call u babe

  6. So this means ivivva size 10 = lululemon size 4? I'm a size 2 in lulu bottoms... do you suggest I
    buy a size 10 or 14 in ivivva? They are sold out in size 12

    1. I think you should go with size 10 in ivivva. From my understanding, ivivva 10 = lululemon 2, ivivva 12 = lululemon 4, etc. etc.


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