Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Some More Serious Splits59 Love!

Omg, I'm dying here.  I got my latest Splits59 order and everything is amazeballs!!!  I'm falling deeper in love with this brand.  I got 4 items from the semi-annual sale section, and 3 are the same color!  It's a dark red color called scarlet.  It's soooo beautiful, I am totally crazy about it.  The 3 items are quite different so I totally NEED all 3!  :D

Let's start with the tank - Danica Liquid Cheetah Support Tank.  It is on sale at $35 from $78!

Notice the cheetah print on the area below the chest!  I love that it gives the tank some edge.

This tank is the very first Splits tank that I've tried in the same material as the pants - 90% Supplex and 10% lycra.  It's basically the same material all these companies use for stretchy yoga pants (aka luon).  I usually wear size XS in most Splits items, but I ordered it in size S just because it looked like it could be tight.  I'm so glad I did!  I don't think I would have liked it any tighter, and sale items are final sale so I would have been disappointed.  I love the fit and the length.  It's very comfortable, and I don't have any other workout tops in this color!

Oh yeah, new spaceship-inspired shoes I must rave about in a different post later.  :)

So the front is longer than the back slightly.  The hem is curved, as you can see below on the side view.  The curve is actually rather flattering on the rear!  It gives illusion of narrower hips.  

Here are some close up pics of the tank and the cheetah print in the middle.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but the material is coated so it's got subtle sheen to it.  Super cool!

They are all hand printed so each tank has a slight variation in print.  No two are exactly alike!

This tank has a built in bra.  It's not bad at all, but it is not padded and does not have cup room.  That is the only bummer.  I feel exposed when I wear tanks with thin built in bras.  Can't get cold lol.  I don't think any of my sports bras would stay completely hidden under this tank since there's a keyhole detail in the back.  Doubling up might suffocate me as well.  We'll see.  It's fine for weights of course, which is all I really do nowadays.

I also got the Ion Wrap with Synch Hem in the same scarlet color.  By the way, they spell it "synch".  Lululemon spells it "cinch".  I'm not sure which is right.  I always thought it was "cinch".  But now I'm doubting myself.

I've actually been looking at wraps like this style for a while.  But I've mainly been looking at those geometric patterned ones, which I think are kind of cool.  I thought it would be great to have a wrap like this that I can wear casually, to the gym, or to work!  Talk about versatility!

Well, when I saw this one on sale at $60, down from $118, I thought I'd snatch it.  I am soooo in love with this thing!  It's made of super soft french terry.  I got it in XS and I think the fit is glorious.  I love the open cascading front and the long length.  I can wear this with soooo many things!  Such a good purchase!  (Pads myself in the back).

Oh, and it has pockets too!!  The description does not state this, but it is a pleasant surprise.  I almost didn't notice them either since they are quite hidden.  You can never have too many pockets lol.

The back can be uncinched or cinched up to give a slightly different look.  I like both looks actually.

Thumb hole:

I like wraps like these, because you can very easily use a belt to make it more figure hugging.  I just threw on this old Express stretch belt I got years ago, and it instantly creates a more dressed up look:

That way the side view shows off the figure more as well.  I could totally wear this to work and nobody would even think it's from a workout brand.

Ok, let's break up the color a bit lol.  The top I am wearing under the wrap in the photos above is another tank I bought.  It is the Sabrina Razor in teal/navy/fire.  It is now $30, down from $66.  I like the color blocking.  I don't normally gravitate towards teal, but I like this tank.

I have the older Sabrina tank and it is very long.  So I ordered this tank in XS.  This one is definitely shorter than the one I have.  It still fits rather loose even in XS.

Sorry, wearing a non-sports bra under.  This tank does not have a built in bra.

As you can see from the side view, the fit is loose through the tummy area:

The material is this tank is the same as the older Sabrina tank and most of my pieces from Splits, which is very silky and cool to the touch.  I've seen this tank on different people on Splits' Instagram account, and they make it look great!  Here's a couple:

Ok, last item I got from this order is back to the scarlet color!  The Revive Liquid Scarlet Pullover!  Of course I got another french terry pullover... hahaha.  I'm obsessed with these things!  It's now $40 instead of $94 which I can justify a lot better for a casual top.  It looked loose on the model so I got it in XS.


I think I could have done either S or XS actually.  The XS definitely isn't tight, but S would have been slouchier which would be nice too.  Oh well.

The close up of the "liquid" portion:

So, there ya go!  I am super super happy with all these pieces.  I can't wait to wear them all!  I basically put them on and haven't been able to take them off so I am writing in them as we speak.  :)

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  1. I would love to see your capris collection.

  2. Thanks so much for your review on the Danica top. I ordered it as well!!!!

    1. Ohhh hope you like it! I wore it last night and looooved! I put cups in anyways, like between shirt and bra. They stayed put! So now I have no complaints lol.

  3. Do you get a discount on this stuff? You really should! I've bought so many items just because I've seen them on here!


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