Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Funday!

My friend made this meme for me... I thought it was so cute:

Hehehehe... as a fun dorky thing to do, I thought I'd put on all the camo items I've bought in the last month or so, and wear them all at the same time!  I posted it on facebook earlier today, but this cracked me up so I am sharing here too!

I am wearing here my camo All Sport bra, camo cool racerback, camo Spring Fling vest, camo Forme jacket, and camo Speed Short over black camo wunder under crops!  I am actually missing one camo item here which is the Hotty Hot short, but I could only wear one pair of shorts lol.  

Can you see me???  =P

I think I kind of did buy all the camo with the exception of a couple items!  :)

Ok, jokes aside, I had a pretty good workout week again!  I am still working out in the morning before work and still loving it.  I even went on Monday, the day after Daylight Saving time change, and surprisingly the gym was more crowded than usual that day!  But next week I have to be at work at 6 every morning, which means I have to go to the gym after work again (my gym only opens at 5 am).  It's just one week, but it's annoying to switch up!  At least I'll be able to get off work a little earlier though, so hopefully I still don't have to deal with the crowd.  Now that I'm used to sharing the gym with only a few other people, it will be hard to go back!

Monday 3/10
What I did:  Lower body weights followed by 30 minutes of MIIT cardio on 15% incline treadmill.

Splits59 Olivia Run top in barberry/apricot as to and from... I think this is one of the prettiest tops I own!

I know many of you have asked me to write a "what's in my gym bag" type of post, as well as a workout post.  I promise I will do it in the next couple weeks!  But I thought I'd show you what I look like with my gym bag - the Lululemon Jumpstart gym bag in foxy plaid.  I always look very colorful that way lol.

For work that day, it was "business dress".  Lol.  We normally have business casual dress code but sometimes when we have important meetings, we are required to do business dress.  For men, that means suit and tie.  But my business dress is never that different from business casual.  Though admittedly, I am usually more dressed up than most people I work with during business casual days.  So I thought I'd dress up a little by putting on a button down shirt!  Mango sheer pleated shirt, with Ann Taylor icicle tweed skirt again(!) and Ivanka Trump pinkish pumps.

I took this picture after work, so I had been sitting all day and that's why the front of the skirt is all wrinkly.  =/

Tuesday 3/11
What I did:  Shoulder & tri weight workout followed by the same treadmill cardio session for 30 minutes.

What I wore:  Splits59 Ashby tanks, yucca over white, with Victoria's Secret supermodel cami bra in sweetest orange under it.  Lululemon wunder under crops in wee are from space fatigue green (looooved these!!!) and Nike Free 3.0s in gray/crimson to match the bra!  

Wednesday 3/12
What I did:  Bicep and back workouts, then 30 minutes of the gauntlet.

I love these cage sandals - they add a pop of color to a monotoned look!

Thursday 3/13
What I did:  Legs again, but no cardio since I was running late.

Black Splits59 Pose Fx racerback pullover as to and from.  I love these pullovers...

Thursday night, I went to try out this new boxing studio with a friend.  We're seriously considering taking up boxing regularly, and if this place proves to be good, it will be a part of my routine!  I used to box somewhat regularly for a couple years, and I loved it, it is such a great workout.  This place is like a dirty, real boxing studio lol.  We're kind of the only girls there.  In fact, we went last week and talked to someone there.  Then when we showed up on Thursday, a different person was there and knew exactly who we were.  But the class we took was a "technique" class, which is kind of boring.  We did the same 2 punches the whole entire hour.  Next week we plan to try out a different class so we'll see how that goes.  We are also thinking of doing private sessions.  

So for boxing, I wore the Lululemon swiftly racerback in heathered plum, with fatigue camo All Sport bra under it.  Lorna Jane Devoted 7/8 tight, and Nike Free Bionics again.  We thought to play it safe, we probably shouldn't show up in super bright and girly colors... I kept it "cool".  =)

I put on the same Splits Pose pullover as the morning as to and from again:

Saturday 3/14
What I did:  Upper body supersets!

What I wore:  Lululemon swiftly racerback in paisley angel wing with Victoria's Secret Angel sport bra under it.  Rogiani Sport band 3/4 tight and NB shoes again.

Zella Stripey Melange hoodie as to and from.  I forgot about this hoodie for the longest time... lol:

Sunday 3/15
What I did:  My 20 minutes of stadium stair run/jump and what have you.  

What I wore:  Lole Spiral tank with Lija Compression Revise skort and Nike Frees in gray/crimson.  I felt like being really springy because it was over 80 degrees out.  In fact, we reached historic high for this time of year.  It's miserable.  I really wish for colder weather.

And that's it this week!  I have started watching the show Grimm (streaming it from Amazon Prime through my Roku!), and have been hooked all weekend... lol!  So I'm going to go and squeeze in one more episode before I head to bed!  Goodnight everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. Just thought I'd give you a heads up that an eBay seller is using a lot of your pics to sell her stuff. Not sure if this link will work but seller's name is jenn168

    1. Thank you! The link didn't take me to her auction, so I'll have to find her. I know I've found members before, I just don't remember how lol. So annoying when people can't take their own photos! I mean... on one hand it's like... thanks for thinking my photos are good enough to sell your stuff lol. But on the other, it's like come on dude, take your own photos! =P I just report them, but I don't think ebay actually does anything... sigh...

    2. If you google or search on eBay for lulu camo, a few of your pics show up in various auctions. I clicked on one and looked at this jenn168's auctions and she pulled quite a few fit photos of you to use. I guess what pisses me off too besides photo stealing is that she is one of those eBay sellers that scoops all the hot items amd marks them way up. Like full size runs! Anyway, hope you manage to get those auctions pulled!

  2. Replies
    1. I know! Actually I was thinking of buying these Ash camo wedge sneakers... hehehe

  3. I LOOOOVE the all-camo pic!! :D that is so funny!
    and I like all your work and paitence you put in this blog. thank you! It's always fun to read.

  4. oh and i forgot to say: and you look supernice in all your outfits.


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