Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lululemon Live Simply Jacket Jacquard

I bought a new Lululemon Live Simply Jacket in jacquard snowflake print on ebay last week.  It was only like $40 lol.  The seller didn't know the name so just listed it as a Lulu jacket.  This jacket came out around Christmas 2010 in black, gray and purple.  I thought all 3 colors were pretty cute at the time, but didn't have a need for a jacket like it.  Buuuuut... for $40 and brand new?  Ok!

I actually never tried on this particular jacket before.  I have tried on the Gather Together jacket though, which I believe is the predecessor of this one.  So I figured my true to size (4) would probably work.  When I received it and first put it on, I thought it was actually a close fit.  Definitely not roomy enough to layer under it (not that I would).  It's long enough to cover the bum completely which is nice to wear with leggings.  Also, the sleeves are super thick in this jacket!  I was very surprised by it when I first saw that.  I thought based on pictures I've seen that the sleeves were just a single layer of sweater material, but it's actually doubled layered with the sweater material over the actual jacket sleeve (which is already thick to begin with).  Woah!  Kind of overkill for SoCal.  But it has cooled down a little this week so I actually wore it today lol.  It's quite cozy!

I'm wearing my Lululemon herringbone wunder under pants and Manitobah Mukluks... I just need a fireplace and a cup of hot cocoa now!

It has a very large hood:

I do love the print though!  I know it's super Christmas-y and young looking, but I still like it lol.  I would love to wear this around the holidays.

Close up of the sweater material - this jacket is made pretty well and definitely does not feel cheap:

I love elbow patches, but this one is kind of placed a little weird.  It's too low or something.  Or I'm just a shortie.  But the patch kind of hits me at the side of my upper forearm rather than my actual elbows. 

I love jackets and cold weather clothes in general.  I really think that I should move to a place where winter actually comes around once in a while, and become a snow bunny.  =D

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