Monday, March 24, 2014

Vince Paper Leather Scuba Jacket - To Die For!

I splurged on the Vince Paper Leather Scuba Jacket!  It caught my eye a couple months ago when I was walking through Nordstrom.  I almost bought it on the spot, buuuut I came to my senses a little and thought the $995 price tag required some more thinking.  After that I had been thinking about it a lot!  So now I own it lol.  But I got it on ebay for only 1/3 of the price!  It was new too, and didn't fit the person selling it.  Well, her loss is my gain!  =P

The color is actually charcoal, but it has an olive green tone to it.  It's a gorgeous color!  The lamb skin leather is very thin and soft.  So it's a lightweight jacket, definitely more fashion than function.  But I live in SoCal, so it's perfect for the weather here.  I can actually get more use out of a lightweight jacket like this one than a heavier winter jacket.

It also comes in "coastal", which is a dark navy blue:

I tried on size S and size XS when I was at Nordstrom.  They fit very similar actually.  But the XS gives more of a waistline.  I would never layer anything under it, so both me and the sales associate who was helping me thought XS was a better fit.  I am glad that the ebay listing was a size XS so I got my preferred fit.

Here it is on me, with the front unzipped.  I feel like this jacket looks shorter on me than on the model.  

And zipped... I like both ways for different types of looks:

The side panels of the jacket and the bottom portion of the sleeves are actually thick ribbed material instead of leather:

More close ups:

The collar has a button on top that you can snap and secure the collar in place:

And this is what it looks like fully buttoned and zipped up:

Love the detail of the asymmetrical hem:

The two side pockets are actually very large in size... here's what it looks like with my hand inside... tons of room!

Lastly, the back view with the jacket zipped and unzipped:

I really like the relaxed and casual look of this jacket, but it can be dressed up too.  I can seriously wear it anywhere... with jeans, skirts/dresses, and to work as well.  Despite being so thin, it's actually quite warm.  I think I love it so much that I may never take it off!

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