Monday, March 8, 2010

Marc Jacobs Ashley Hand Bag

This morning right at 9 am, I was waiting anxious on for the Marc Jacobs hand bag sale to start.  I just knew that I had to get one!  Marc Jacobs purses are some of my favorite among designer purses.  I love the fact that they don't plaster their brand name all over the bag like LV or Gucci.  The Marc Jacobs quilted signature look is very classic and represents good quality and timelessness.  I would never spend that much money buying a logo purse - they don't pay me to advertise their brand!  If they did then I will in a second hahaha.

But oh my goodness was it hard to add something to my shopping cart.  I bet tons of other people had the same idea as me, because as soon as 9 o'clock hit, I tried to add a few different purses in my cart and they were already in someone else's cart!  This is what I hate about Gilt.  I guess since the demand of the items is so high, and supply is limited, everything is always in someone else's cart.  So basically that means that they have 10 minutes to purchase the item once it's in their cart.  If they let the 10 minutes expire or they decide not to purchase the item, then it becomes available again.  At which time it gets snatched up by someone else right away, so it's virtually impossible to be able to add something to your cart, unless you sit there and keep clicking "buy it now" endlessly.  That is precisely what I did.  I opened up 10 different tabs of different purses I wanted, and I just went through each tab in turn to try to add to my cart, non stop.  Within 10 minutes, some of them said "sold out" already.  But I kept clicking anyway.  And it paid off!  I finally, after about a whole HOUR, was able to add the navy Ashley bag into my cart.  I could not believe it actually happened!!


How cute is that!!  I love the color combination.  It's very different and unique.  This collection is from Spring 2009, so last year's collection.  But I like it so much better than the Spring 2010 collections.  This year all they did was add long tassels to purses, with fugly colors.  I guess the cowboy style is in again?!  Ugh.  Well I like last year's collection much better and I'm very glad they went on sale!

This purse retails $1095.  But the Gilt price was $549.  I had $300 account credit, so I only had to pay $249 for it!  Well, plus $12 shipping.  But no taxes, so it's a great deal!  It's a small purse though, the measurement shows length 9 inches; height 6 inches; width 4 inches.  Drop handle 3 1/2 inches.  I do need a small purse since I've been exclusively getting large purses in the past few years and it's weird to go out at night with a big old purse.  Small purses are more versatile.  

*Mini satchel bag
*Quilted leather with contrast leather and glazed pebbled leather throughout
*Flower tassel and lock on front
*Single metallic grosgrain top handle with flap opening and magnetic snap closure
*Two main compartments with zip closures
*Leather interior with single zip pocket

I did consider getting the larger version of this purse - the Mackenzie.  The measurement for this one is length 14 inches; height 10 inches; width 5 inches.  But I didn't like the color combination as much in the larger size as I do the smaller one, for some reason.

I like the Mackenzie in black better.

I actually considered canceling my order for the Ashley purse and getting the Mackenzie instead.  But they wouldn't let me cancel my order after 10 minutes had passed.  I was able to add the Mackenzie to my cart though and briefly considered buying it anyways.  But it's $849 (down from retail $1750), which is still pretty pricey.  If they had let me cancel my order for the Ashley I probably would have splurged.  So maybe that was a good thing!  Save me some money!

Some other purses I would have gotten maybe instead of Ashley if I could add them to my cart were:
Penn - kind of too businessy/old woman like for me, but it was cheap at $399 from $999 - more than 50% off.  And I would have only had to pay $99 with my account credit.

Venetia - another Marc Jacobs signature look.  Very cute, perhaps a little more mature too.  Priced at $629 from $1250.  I probably would have got this one instead of mine if only I could add it to that damn cart!  God knows I tried....

Duffy Kanako - cute and versatile.  Would go with everything but definitely not as "fun" as Ashley.  Priced at $399 too, from $795.  So it wasn't as good of a deal.  

Wow the Marc Jacobs sale is pretty much all sold out now on Gilt.  In fact all the popular (cheaper) items sold out within a few hours.  I had been checking on and off all day after I got my purse, and pretty much every purse was "in member's cart" at all times throughout the day.  Craziness!  I guess people love Marc Jacobs!  

My purse should be arriving later this week or next.  I'm mentally preparing myself to see a very very small package though.  I hope it will be able to fit my iphone and wallet!  Ha!  Wouldn't that be funny to spend so much on a purse that can barely fit any of my stuff... I also hope the blue is not bright in person but a muted darker tone.  Can't wait!

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