Friday, December 14, 2012

Lululemon Reversible Wunder Under Crops in Beaming Blue / Black

I started venturing into colored wunder unders earlier this year.  So far I have bought embossed power purple and bordeaux drama.  I love power purple, but I must admit that I don't wear it as much because it's so "out there" and harder to match.  However, I love love LOVE bordeaux drama!  I wear it for both working out and casual wear.  It looks super cute with a cute top/jacket and boots over, because it's a gorgeous color, and goes with so much.  It doesn't even look like I'm wearing workout gear at all when I do this.  So, I decided that I *needed* the new beaming blue/black reversible wunder unders too!  I saw this color in the store in a cool racerback, but since I already have the little boy blue cool racerback (still one of my favorite colors ever) which is rather similar in color, I didn't feel the need to own it.  But beaming blue looks great as bottoms!  And would look very cute with black or brown boots over them.  Besides, what's not to love about blue/black reversible wunder unders?!  It's like the best of both worlds.  So I bought them online on like Tuesday and they already arrived yesterday!  

I really think that I can wear them with a lot of different colored tops I have.  How cute would they look with my new polar cream Don't Hurry Be Happy pullover!!  Here I am wearing them with my caspian blue Scoop Me Up tank.  I think they look great together.  Oh, and I took this pic at work since I had them delivered to work and could not wait to put them on lol.  Good thing nobody caught me.  But lighting is not the best, sorry.

For some reason, I think reversible wunder unders have a silkier material than regular luon.  I remember this when years ago, I tried on black/coal reversible groove pants at the store.  These ones feel the same as I remember in those.  It feels nice, actually, and slightly cooler.  But definitely different than regular luon.  I also find that the back of the waist doesn't go as high as my other wunder unders.  But I'm fine with it, just an interesting observation.  Oh, one minus for these is that they have the same ugly gusset as my power purple wunder unders, which makes you look like you have camel toe if you pull them up too high.  Didn't Lululemon have an ad a couple years ago that said "Say No to Camel Toe"??  Guess they changed their mind.

Here are the web shots of these, including the reverse black side which has blue stitching.

It's funny, because I was just thinking in the past few weeks that I should get some bright blue skinny pants/jeans/jeggings to wear with boots, just like this color.  Now that I have these, I don't think I need anything else!  I love how versatile wunder unders are.  


  1. you lack a purple!! very nice color.
    You do not put your ebb and flow?!

  2. I wanted to know if you still wore your crop ebb and flow?

    1. Oh yes, I wear them all the time! I love those, especially for yoga! But I wear them running and weight lifting too, love them for EVERYTHING!


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