Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recent Great Find - Lululemon Move Tank in Paradise / Kiss Chipper!

I don't usually like organic cotton tanks from Lululemon, but the Move Tank from like last spring or summer (?) was one of my favorite tanks as far as the style goes.  I got 3 of them!


Heathered Light Bon Bon

Heathered Ash
I just think they are so pretty!  I think my favorite one is caribe, it's a beautiful rich green color.  But I also love the lighter, more earthy tones on the other two.  Whenever I wear them, I always get so many compliments and people asking me where I bought my top.  I love the layered look of the bra peaking from under the outer tank.  And I think the satiny straps in different but complimentary color tones are so gorgeous.  The tank is organic cotton so I don't really work out in it.  It's just not that comfortable sweating in this material since it's not as wicking.  But the built in bra is made of silverescent.  It's a very flattering tank, and fits pretty snug.  I think I could wear a 4 or a 6 in this tank.  The back of this tank is pretty long and is curved.  It ends at kind of an awkward spot on my butt that always sticks out like a little tail vs. laying flat!  So I got all 3 of the tanks hemmed straight across all the way around, and I am much happier with them.

Well the color that I missed out on was the Paradise / Kiss Chipper.  I loved how it looked but it was already sold out by the time I wanted it.  So after all this time, I actually found it on ebay while searching for a Hot Class tank (I obsessively search for Hot Class tanks on ebay every few days b/c I just love them.  Looking specifically for the coal/faded zap or senorita pink/black one....)!  I think it was like $30 including shipping so totally worth it for me to have a 4th! 

This is such a gorgeous print!  I was a big fan of all the pink/corals Lululemon had last year.  I loved all the kiss, bon bon, fruity tootie, etc. etc.  They all look similar but go well together so you don't have to be super matchy matchy to look well put together.  And I haven't seen any nice prints like this one from Lululemon in a long long time.  It kind of has the rich Arabian feel, and how can you not feel like a yoga princess wearing it??  Hehe.  Apart from the print, there's also so much detail in it.  It looks much more expensive, unique and well-made.  Gosh it makes me feel kind of lame for spending the same amount on a plain one color tank when the same money could have gotten me this beauty a year ago!  

I'm so happy about this unexpected find though!  As soon as I get the bottom hemmed, I will be living in it!


  1. cute tank - you really don't see prints like that any more! not in a long time anyway.

  2. slightly off topic: do you prefer your dance studio pants lined or unlined (I think you've said you have both, in different colors)? I have an unworn pair of coal unlined ones that I would have to return tomorrow (14 day limit) so I can't compare them directly to the lined coal ones which I would need to order online. I'm in socal too; do you think I need the lined ones for winter? I really intend on wearing these pants more in the winter as I'm mostly in shorts during the summer. I could always wear wunder crops under unlined ones, but would that negate the nice comfortable baggy feeling of the dsps? Are the lined ones noticeably bulkier? Any advice would be much appreciated...I can only have one and I don't want to return the unlined ones if I'm going to ultimately want those since they are otherwise sold out.

  3. Hmmm that is a toughy! I do have the unlined in coal and lined in white. I love them both but I think the unlined ones are more slimming visually. Though that could be due to the fact that it's a darker color as well. The lined ones are really comfortable and soft. But they really can only be worn during the coldest of the winter months here. Otherwise they are just too hot. I tend to get cold really easily though so I wore them a lot last winter and they were perfect. But if you are more hot blooded, then they may just be too hot for you. I also brought my unlined ones to Tahoe with me last winter, and wore my wunder under crops underneath them. That worked well too and I didn't think it added any bulk.

    I guess if it was up to me and I could only have one pair, I would go with the unlined ones. Because then you can have the option to throw them on over something else real fast to go run errands or to the gym. And you can also wear them on cooler spring or fall evenings when it's too cold for shorts and too hot for lined pants. Lol. Just a few more options. I know personally I grab my unlined ones way more. But like I said, if you tend to freeze during socal winters, and only want to wear them for a month or 2 a year, then the lined ones would probably work better for you. Good luck deciding!

  4. thanks, this is really helpful! I think you're right and I think I will keep the unlined for versatility all year round. Aside from walking the dogs, it's not like we walk long distances outside to get from place to place, like in nyc or something, so the lined seems like it may be too warm; I'd hate to be hot and sweaty. thanks so much!

  5. No prob! Glad to help. Enjoy your new pants! These are great, you will love them! =)

  6. Do you have this tank in size 6 that you would want to sell me? I am willing to pay big bucks :)

    1. Hi Stephanie, I actually do have this tank in size 6 and could part with it. But just so you know I got it hemmed a little shorter with a straight hem instead of the original curvy one. So if you are still interested, let me know what you think!


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