Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lululemon Slipless Headband Three Print

I got another Slipless Headband today from Lululemon's website.  This would be my 3rd slipless headband.  I also have a few other types of Lululemon headbands.  I like the slipless headbands ok.  They do slip on me (so do the other headbands).  I always have to keep adjusting them.  For a while I was really annoyed and stopped wearing them altogether.  But then I found out that if I take two hair pins and pin the headband to my hair on both sides right above my ears, they stay perfectly.  I can do literally upside down flips and they would not slip off.  So I started wearing headbands again.  I like it when I wear headbands because they soak up sweat so I don't have to wipe my face as much when I'm working out, and keep my side bangs away from my eyes.  Plus a cute colored headband can look very cute with an outfit.  We all know that looking cute is a huge motivation for getting up at 5 am to go to the gym!

I didn't necessarily need another headband, but when I saw that Three Print was online, I just had to get it.  It's probably my most favoritest Lululemon print ever!  It's subtle and so whimsical.  Just very feminine and pretty.

I believe this print came out some time in 2008 (summer?) in Canada.  Pretty sure it never made it to the States.  But around Christmas time in 2009, they actually uploaded a few Power Y tanks in this print into the US loot section for $24.  But I already had the Power Y in this print that I got from ebay.  I wish they had the Scoop Neck tank available in this print!!  I know they made it because I've seen pictures of it, but I've never seen the actual tank on sale anywhere.  I would have bought it otherwise.  This is a picture of Three Print in the Power Y. 

Anyway, I'm not sure why in March 2010, they decided to sell the headbands in the 2008 print online.  But whatever.  It's a beautiful color/print that goes with a lot of different colors.  I wouldn't wear the headband and the tank at the same time because I'm not into super matchy matchy.  I like it better when the pieces I wear serve as an accent color, or something that's contrasting but complimentary at the same time.  I'm super excited for it to arrive tomorrow!

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