Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lorna Jane Heather Tank & Frankie T-Shirt

I haven't forgotten about Lorna Jane.  In fact, I check their site pretty regularly for new stuff.  But I have been pretty meh about them for the past few months.  I actually ordered 2 pairs of tights and 1 tank last month and the tights were horribly horribly sheer, and the tank was nothing like it was pictured.  So I ended up returning them all.  I should have taken pictures of them, but I was literally so disgusted with the whole order that I took them off immediately and put them back in the mail.

But last week I ordered 2 more tops, and they turned out to be good!  One of them, the Heather Tank, is actually a tank I had wanted a while ago but they were sold out of my size.  I guess they got restocked!  When I ordered it, it was available in all sizes.  But now they are down to only S and L.  I think this tank sells fast because its price point is much lower - $39 instead of in the $60s.

So I got this tank in size S.  I have tanks in both size XS and S from Lorna Jane.  They are kind of all of the place.  I ordered S because I felt this style could be a little looser, and I wanted to be safe.  It's always better to be a little looser than a little too tight, I think.

From the web photos, I expected the color (called dragon fruit marl) to be redder.  However, in person it's much lighter and it's more orangey than I expected.  I don't dislike the color, it's just not well-represented online.  I'm going to keep it though!  I love the back!

So, I think S is the right size.  It's a bit baggy but I think that's fine.  XS might be too tight.  The material of this tank is a pretty soft jersey fabric, and it's on the thin side.  

The black straps on the back actually have red stitching design on them, which ties them in with the tank more.  

The second item I got is the Frankie Casual T-Shirt in white/yves blue.  This is actually an "Uniquely Lorna Jane" item, which is a special line they have.  I like the simple and sporty look.  It's also not badly priced, at $45.  Though that is subjective since it's just a (mostly) white tee!

I think it doesn't really look that great on the model, because of the bad styling job:

I also got this tee in size S, and think it is the right size for me.  Although the opening of the sleeves are kind of tight.  While it's a simple tee, I do like it!  The material is semi-sheer, as you can see below that my bra color shows through.  

I also like the mesh on the shoulders, and the blue contrasting sleeves:

The blue on the sleeves is actually made to look kind of worn looking.  I tried to take a close up of it below, but not sure if you can see it:

This photo from their website probably shows it better:

So, I will definitely be keeping this tee as well!  I don't think I'll workout in it, but it's such an easy item to throw on.  It literally will go with everything.  I'm sure I will make use out of it!

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  1. Love them both! Do you think the straps on the Heather tank will stay put (I'm thinking for yoga)?

    1. The black straps are actually attached to the shoulder straps so they help the shoulder straps stay put. I wore it to workout in already, and had no issues! Although I did weights, not yoga.

  2. Thanks! I have read your blog for a long time and really appreciate your product reviews as they are always accurate!

  3. Very happy to read about your LJ purchase! Like you, although I didn't make a purchase with them recently, I visit their website regularly. I'm interested in the silvie and renegade excel tank. If u see either one in store, it'd be fab if you can do a quick review on them!

    1. Sure! I'll definitely let you know if I happen to see them in any stores here. :)


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