Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Funday!

What a long week it's been!  I've recovered from feeling unwell last week.  I also finally started buying groceries and cooking my own food again.  I really feel a toll from eating out constantly for the last couple months due to moving.  Now it's time to get back on track!  I read this great recipe that I want to share - it's a healthy creamy pasta dish!  The "cream" in the pasta is made of a blend of avocado, basil and garlic (and some water and lemon)!  It's unbelievably good and tastes like the real thing!

I actually didn't have any basil, garlic or lemon lol.  But I did have mint and lime (to make mojitos!) so I blended those with an avocado.  The end result was very good!  But I do want to try it with basil and garlic this week.  I made it with Trader Joe's spinach & chive pasta, and I added some chicken as well as these lamb kebobs I got from the store.  And veggies, of course.

I love simple recipes that are healthy and taste good.  Give this one a try if you like avocado!

My workouts this week have been great.  I did all 4 of my weight workouts but didn't have time for any additional cardio, which is fine.  I really like month 6 of my Get Glutes workouts!  They really kicked it up a notch.

Monday 3/23 - Rest day

Tuesday 2/24
What I did:  Strength #1

What I wore:  Lululemon Water Bound singlet in black, with Free To Be Wild bra in star crushed silver fox under.  Lululemon Wunder Under pant in giant houndstooth dip dye, worn as crops, and Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 shoes in ash.  My strength #1 workout doesn't have any squats so these tights were safe to wear lol.

Splits59 Vail cutout pullover in marianna blue as to and from:

Wednesday 3/25
What I did:  Strength #2

Lululemon Be Present jacket in coco pique as to and from:

Thursday 3/26 - Rest

Friday 3/27
What I did:  Strength #3

What I wore:  Lululemon Water Bound singlet aquamarine with Free To Be bra in faded zap under.  Lululemon Top Speed crop in cyber stripe, and Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 shoes in ash again.

Lululemon Forme Jacket in savasana camo fatigue green as to and from:

I haven't shared a work outfit in a while - so here's what I wore to work on Friday!  Kensie colorblock top with Express High Waist Yoke Midi skirt in houndstooth, and black Vince Camuto Dacoma pumps.

Saturday 3/28
What I did:  Last strength workout!

What I wore:  Under Armour Achieve burnout tank with Lululemon Free To Be bra in very green under.  Lorna Jane Charger tight, and same Nike shoes again!  I can't seem to get tired of these!

I actually went to the gym with my bf, which doesn't happen very often.  I always workout on my own, and even if I go with him, we do our own things too.  But his gym is a fun change of pace - it's one block from the beach and this is the view while you are working out!  I could get used to this...

I was also amused by the pink kettlebell I got to use... how fun!  They have a rainbow colored kettlebell collection there, and pink is not the lightest!!  This was 20 or 22 kg, which is really not that "girly"! 

Anyway, today I had to work on some home improvement projects and go grocery shopping for the next week.  So I didn't make it to the gym.  Next will be a short work week though, since we have Friday off for Good Friday.  I'll definitely be taking advantage of the extra free time to go workout!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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