Saturday, March 28, 2015

Caslon Sweaters from Nordstrom

I was at Nordstrom a couple weeks ago and tried on the V-Back High/Low sweater in grey cloudburst.  I liked it but they only had one at the store and it had a snag on the arm.  So I went online and ordered it instead.  Of course while I was adding it to my cart, I decided to get another one in a different color (blue parisian).  These are thin sweaters though.  I don't even know if I'd call them sweaters actually.  They were also on sale from $59 to $35.  And, when I just checked the site again just now, I noticed that they are now marked down even lower to $26!  I got a price adjustment with no problems from Nordstrom.

By the way, the only review online about this sweater complains that the front is longer than the back.  Lol.  Sounds like she put it on backwards, with the V neck on the front.

Anyway, I got these sweaters in XS.  That was the size I tried on at Nordstrom, and it is still pretty loose fitting.  Here are the 2 colors on me:

The back is longer by about an inch than the front:

I feel like the blue parisian one fits slightly larger than the grey:

The sweater is made of rayon and cotton blend.  As I've mentioned, they are very thin.  It's perfect for me though, since I'd get more use out of thinner sweaters here.  I can also wear them casually as well as to work.  I'm actually not big on the high/low style.  But this one is ok since the difference is only an inch or so.

As I was purchasing these sweaters, I saw another Caslon sweater, the Open Stitch Marled Yarn sweater in tan ivory cloud, and decided to order it too since it is on sale for only $29.  I love open stitch sweaters.  You can wear colorful tanks under them and have completely different looks.


I also got this sweater in size XS, but I think it's a little too short.  It's definitely a more fitted look, and maybe that's the shorter style they are going for.  I decided to order the size S and compare the two.  But here is the XS on me, with a white cami under:


I like the color of this sweater a lot though.  It's also something I can wear casually or to work.  We'll see how the size S fits.  I will definitely be keeping one though!

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