Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Funday!

This was not a fun week for me - I got sick earlier this week and then had a root canal on Thursday!  Although I wasn't sick enough to stay in bed, it was more like the annoying kind of sick.  Luckily it went away after a few days.  I'm glad I had the root canal though.  For quite a while now, that tooth had been super sensitive to cold and it was very bothersome.  Now I don't feel a thing!  Just need a crown on it and it will be good as new.  =)

I started month 6 of my Get Glutes training program.  There are now 4 weight lifting sessions per week as opposed to 3.  I managed to complete all 4 this week and I really like the workouts!  My butt has been feeling it, literally.

Monday 3/16
What I did:  Strength #1.

What I wore:  Lululemon If You're Lucky tank with Lorna Jane Pammy bra under.  Beyond Yoga Gathered Legging in dusk, and Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 shoes in ash.  I wore these shoes everyday this week!  Curious how long this streak will last haha.

It's been so hot here that I didn't need to wear any long sleeve tops as to and from, haha.

Tuesday 3/17 - Rest

Wednesday 3/18 - Rest

Thursday 3/19
What I did:  I went to do the second strength session right after my root canal haha.  Then I did 30 minutes on the gauntlet since being sick made me retain so much water.  Does that happen to anyone else?  It's so annoying!

What I wore:  Nike Camouflage Burnout tank in gray with Centered Energy bra in flash under it.  Lululemon Empower Crop in coal/passion, and Nike shoes.

By the way, even after all these years of wearing and washing this damn bra, it still bleeds like crazy!!  Every time I think it's probably going to be fine, and then I see this on my towel after stretching.  I wasn't even that sweaty.  I think flash was the worst bleeder Lululemon ever had.

Friday 3/20
What I did:  3rd strength session.  Then I did some HIIT intervals on the treadmill for about 20 minutes.

What I wore:  Lululemon Yogi Cutoff Tee in cayman stripe, with Lorna Jane Lola bra under.  Lululemon Ebb & Flow crop in black, and same shoes!

It finally cooled off a bit (but will be back up again next week, ugh) so I wore my Zobha Biker jacket in moss as to and from:

Saturday 3/21
What I did:  Last strength session!  

What I wore:  Lorna Jane Lena tank - I got this exchanged for size XS and it's much better!  I wore the Lorna Jane Arena bra under, and Lululemon Wunder Under crop in animal swirl.  Same shoes again!!  I tried wearing pink shoes but then I decided I just really wanted to wear these lol.

I really like these Lulu crops.  They are one of my favorites!!

Last night, I went to get some drinks at the roof top hotel.  I got to wear my Muubaa Fornas ombre leather jacket!  It's been so hot here, but last night was quite cool and the roof top was windy as well.  So the jacket was perfect!  I wore a Theory top under it, and Joe's Kathy oblique skinny ankle jeans.  Sam Edelman Novato slingbacks.

Today I took another rest day from the gym.  I accomplished a lot though - went to the Farmer's Market down the street and got all the veggies and fruits for next week.  Then cleaned my place and caught up on some shows!  By the way, I watched all the Jinx episodes in 2 days.  I thought it was pretty fascinating that this Durst guy is so smart and cunning (of course having all that money helps too), and got away with murdering so many people!  I'll be interested to watch what happens next now that he's been arrested again after the show aired.


  1. I just started reading your blog last month - I stumbled upon it when I was researching Splits59 and Lululemon. I love seeing your outfits! I'm sorry if you've done a post about this already, but I would love to (be nosy) and learn how you wash all your athletic wear. Considering how many pieces you go through each week and all the "restrictions" for washing (ie Lululemon luon fabrics not being washed with cotton, etc), it'd be very informative and interesting. :)

    1. Hi! I have not written a laundry post yet. It's funny that since I have so much workout stuff, I just wash them all together lol. I do my brights and whites/light colors separately. Definitely no cotton. It's pretty easy actually. I use the "hand wash" (or delicate) setting on the washing machine, and I use the Tide sport liquid detergent. I have to confess that I do dry my workout clothes, but I use the hang dry setting and then I let them air dry the rest of the way.

  2. I think if you wash the bra with salt it'll stop the bleeding

    1. Interesting.. I'll have to try that. This bra is out of control.

  3. I also had a flash bra that bled . ( not centered energy but from that period ) I took it the brentwood store to complain since it was staining everything....the "educator" said 'this bra is old' and sniffed it...then asked me how I launder them. Been wearing lulus for 8 years...I know, cold hand wash, line dry.. then I went on to explain to her that 'flash' is a notorious color for bleeding. She said, well, I've never heard of it being recalled. I gave up and left and saw her and the usually nice store manager snicker and whisper as I left. I only go to Bev hills and Santa monica to shop now.

    1. Wow that's rude! So sad, Brentwood has always been my favorite store. I used to go there years ago when I lived nearby, and the girls were so nice. I am now just a short walk away again, but I don't know any of the people working there anymore. So there's no way these girls were around during the "flash" period. But it sounds like they need to take some training classes on customer service! Flash is seriously the worst - I have 3 items in flash and all three bleed profusely. I'm actually quite surprised that they all look so vibrant still. How much dye went into them?!?

    2. Each time it bleeds though, I'm able to get it out of the item it bled on by soaking them in Oxyclean. It came out of my Nike tank that I wore earlier this week too. So if you have things that were ruined by flash, maybe try that?

  4. Thanks for responding to my whiny text. Yes, they do need customer service training. Brentwood is the only store in all of L.A. ( including pasadena, glendale, el segundo etc ) that makes you feel horrible for returning defective stuff. It really used to be my favorite store. I also love the color flash. Great color in small doses like a bra or tank....but you're right! How much can it keep bleeding?!

  5. So true about flash... sigh.. I too have bras in flash that won't stop bleeding. It's so sad because it's such a pretty color!


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