Friday, March 20, 2015

Lululemon Wunder Under Pant in Giant Houndstooth Dip Dye & Beyond Yoga Gathered Legging in Plum

I resisted the Lululemon wunder under pant in giant houndstooth dip dye when it first came out.  But who am I kidding... I love houndstooth!  So I found a brand new pair on ebay and bought them.  One of the reasons I passed on them in the beginning is that I don't really wear full length tights.  I know that Lululemon does free hemming and all, but since I thought most of the houndstooth print was on the bottom, I wouldn't want to hem them to cut off the print.  But then I realized that the print actually goes up higher than I thought.  It just fades more.  So I could wear them like crops and still have enough print showing!  Pics on bottom.

Here they are as crops - I just pulled the bottom up to crop length and folded the excess material over it - still plenty of houndstooth!


I really do like the design of the dip dye houndstooth, it's very unique!  These pants are supposed to be in "full on luon".  

Let's remember that this is the "new and improved luon" Lululemon came up with after they recalled a bunch of their sheer pants.  Full on luon is supposed to be 100% opaque (and you cost more $$).  But I got these full on luon pants in my regular size 4, and this is what happens when I bend over:

Yes, you can clearly see the rip tag underneath, and my underwear.


If I'm standing up straight, they are not really see-through:

But come on!  These are workout pants!  I should be able to do a squat in them without the fabric showing everything under.  And I'm wearing the same size I always wear!  I know my ass didn't grow that much bigger overnight.

What a disappointment!  I guess I'm reserving these for the days I don't do any workout that involves bending over?!?

By the way, this ebay seller I bought them from wrapped them so nicely that I didn't even want to open them... some people are so funny!  I'm sorry to tell you that if you buy something from me, it will not look like this lol.

It even had a hand written thank you card:

I also bought a brand new pair of Beyond Yoga Gathered Legging from ebay as well, from a different person.  I love these Beyond Yoga leggings, of course.  The fit is fabulous and the fabric feels amazing.  Not to mention they come in all kinds of really nice colors.  So I've been regretting not getting the dark purple ones when I had the chance.  I decided to do a search on ebay and found these!  They happened to be brand new and in my size (XS) at a great price.  The color code is actually "plum" but they really look like a dark purple which is just what I wanted.

These leggings do not disappoint.  I love them.  I can definitely wear them for more workouts than the Lululemon houndstooth lol.


  1. Can't say I'm surprised about the houndstooth sheerness--I bet the printed fabric is a poly blend. Too bad, they are SO cute as crops. Also, are the BY leggings not sheer on you? I got the plum color in the back gathered style and they were *very* thin and sheer, which was extremely disappointing (esp because I didn't get my rewards points back when I returned, sigh). I feel like I must've gotten a bad batch or something??

    1. Yep, the houndstooth has over 80% poly. But they actually feel ok. BY has always been fine (with the exception of a white pair I got which was actually my very first time trying them). I think they had a plum, and a plum wine. The plum wine was more of a burgandy color whereas the plum is really just purple. Were yours exactly like mine? That would be weird!

  2. I don't think you should keep the sheer WUP since you won't reach for it. I would contact the seller to let her know that the WUP is sheer. Did the seller hope to use nice packing to buy your silence? I have taken a pair of sheer WUP back to the store a couple of months after the purchase and they were happy to have me pick out another pair or give me a gift card.

    1. Haha I'm not sure if she was trying to kiss my ass, but it could be true. I think Lulu will take them back if I bring them in. They are so pretty though! I'm such a sucker. Hahaha.

  3. Yikes, so sorry that the WUP are sheer, especially since you're definitely a size 4 and this is not a size or fit issue. In regards to contacting the seller for a return on eBay, I have to disagree with the Anon at 12:56 pm.

    The problem of sheerness is on the part of Lululemon, not the eBay seller. Unless the seller specifically stated something like, "These WUP are 100% opaque and not see-through," the seller should not be at fault for this since this a QC issue related to the labeling of "full-on luon" that is thin and see-through.

    I suggest taking them to your local store and requesting a refund in the form of a gift card. The store can then damage-out the pants. This will not impact their total sales/revenue since all stores have a budget for damaged goods that are sent back to corporate.

    Just had to weigh-in because I also buy and sell on eBay. I think the attention to detail with regards to the packaging was just a really nice thought and nothing more than that.

  4. This is totally off topic from your post, but I follow your blog semi-regularly and remember that you were into/are into eyelash extensions. Did you find them to be a huge hassle, especially for a woman who is regularly active? Do you have any general tips for someone who is considering getting them for the first time? Thank you!!


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