Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lorna Jane Charger Tight - Cute!

I made another order from Lorna Jane and got two items.  I must confess that I had been waiting for the Charger Tight to come to the US ever since I stalked it on the Australian site.  I think this is the photo that sold them to me:

Although this pic is pretty cute too!

I had been a bit disappointed with their crops lately.  I ordered 2 pairs a couple months ago and they both were thin, sheer and not compressive at all.  I had to return both.  So I was hesitant with these Charger tights.  But, I decided to try them out anyways.  When I returned the 2 pairs of crops last time, they refunded me pretty fast so it was a smooth experience.

I ordered size XS in the Charger tight, which is my usual bottom size at Lorna Jane.  They definitely fit true to size, and I am happy to report that they are much nicer!  They are definitely more compressive, and they are not sheer at all.  I love the orange design on one leg!  For some reason I have many bras/tops/shoes with orange in them, that I am not worried at all about being able to match these.

These are pretty high rise actually, going almost to my belly button.  I do think it looks a little strange where the orange lines abruptly stop at the seam.  But I think my tops would cover most of that anyway.

I am kind of concerned that the orange lines might peel off here and there with wear or wash.  I guess we'll find out.

I actually ordered a top too - the Elektra mesh tank.  I thought it looked pretty cute on the model, but I must say it is horrible on me lol.  It's ok though, I thought the price of this mostly mesh tank at $65 was pretty ridiculous anyways.  I was just tempted to try it on.  I am kind of glad it didn't work and I get to save some money lol.

I do like the idea of this tank though.  I thought the bright bra under it is a really cute idea.  I got it in size S, and it actually runs a bit small I think.  It's kind of short and kind of tight.  The high neckline and the fit are just not flattering on me at all.  I immediately returned this tank after receiving it:

Oh well, I was iffy about this tank to begin with.  Can't say I'm too upset about this one.  Something about it seems really dated to me.  Like something from the 80s, and not classy lol.

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  1. "Something about it seems really dated to me. Like something from the 80s, and not classy lol."
    That's how I feel about a lot of LJ stuff actually! I have a couple tanks I'm happy with but am basically not tempted to go back :/ The crops are cute though. Glad the fabric was better than your last LJ purchases.


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