Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lululemon High Times Pant in Cyber Stripe White Silver Fox!

I had lunch in Santa Monica today and dropped by the Lululemon store afterwards.  Picked up the newest pant that they just got in this morning - the High Times Pant in Cyber Stripe White Silver Fox!  They were just uploaded onto the website 30 minutes ago as well.  I guess Santa Monica is the only store in the LA area that got these for now.  They were already sold out of all the size 4s!  So I ended up getting size 6, which is actually not bad at all.  I did order the size 4 online just now though.  Will compare once they get here and figure out which ones to keep!

Love the print and the cute red zipper!

This was the first time I'd tried on the High Times pant.  It's got a really high rise and a super wide waistband.  The pants are ankle length on me.  I would prefer them to be a couple inches shorter, but it's better than the wunder under pant, which always have so much excess material at the bottom for me.

The pair I got seems to line up well enough, just slightly off but not to the point where it bothers me:

These are made of luxtreme, but they don't feel like the regular luxtreme that I'm used to.  They are exactly the same material as the darker cyber stripe Top Speed crop I have.  It feels less slick/shiny than regular luxtreme.   It's thinner than luon.  It's quite stretchy, and it's not sheer.  I actually like the feel of this fabric.  If you are not normally a fan of luxtreme, try these.  They feel completely different.

Here's how high the rise is - goes up to my belly button!  I think size 6 feels very comfortable on - I don't really feel any compression.  They only wrinkle and sag a little around the ankles, but everywhere else is fine.  They fit like how I would want my regular pants to fit.  For working out though, I prefer a little more compression.  But if I were stuck with this size, I don't think they would slide down or anything due to the super high waist.  I'm curious how my regular size 4 would compare.  Not sure if they would be slightly shorter or not - that would be great if so!

You can see here that the print doesn't quite line up exactly at the side seam:

For some reason it starts to line up towards the bottom though lol:

I think the red (it's really a bright coral/orange) zipper is a super fun detail!  The zipper does work, but I doubt anybody would actually wear these with them unzipped.  Maybe you can unzipped a little bit at the bottom if you want them to fit more like ankle pants instead of tights.

Anyway, I like these and from the sound of it, they are selling out pretty quick!  I'd definitely suggest giving them a try!  The lighter color is great for spring/summer.  And, despite the light color, their coverage is not bad.  If I bend over completely, I can kind of see the outline of the rip tag under.  But I'm wearing bright purple underwear and I cannot see them at all.  So that's good enough for me.  This will be another deciding factor between size 4 and size 6.  If size 4 proves to be more sheer, I'd probably keep the size 6!  I've been training my glutes for quite some time now and they've definitely grown, so maybe I do have to size up!  =P

***Update!  I received the size 4s and decided that I like them a little better.  They are not that different from the size 6, actually.  Both pairs are the exact same length.  But the legs and waist are ever so slightly more compressive in the size 4 (but I still wouldn't call these "compressive" at all).  It's really not a very noticeable difference between the two sizes though.  So if you are desperate to find these, since they are now sold out, keep an eye open for multiple sizes!  =)

P.S.  I no longer have the size 6 since they have now been sold.

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