Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lululemon If You're Lucky Tank & LS Tee

I ordered some If You're Lucky stuff from Lululemon last week and it took a whole week for my order to arrive because they came from Ohio.  Last time this happened, I ended up returning the whole order.  I think history might repeat itself this time lol.  I ordered 2 If You're Lucky tanks, and the white If You're Lucky Long Sleeve Tee.

I ordered the tanks in barkberry and white:

I ordered the tanks in size 4.  I was hoping for a slouchy fit like on the model.  But it's actually more fitted, and I think I'd like them better if they were a size 6.  I also didn't realize that they are made of luxtreme (I don't read descriptions very carefully), which seems like the wrong fabric for this style of tank.  I think it would have been better if they were made with something like the lightweight luon used in the 105 F Singlets.  I'm not a huge fan of the luxtreme material for tops.  It's too slippery and clingy or something.  I can't quite put my finger on it.  But this tank just doesn't have the same feel that I was hoping for.

I also think the style with all the mesh and cut outs is almost trying too hard.  I'm also not a big fan of the mesh used in the tank.  It feels a little cheap.  And the tank is not cheap, at $64.

Anyway, here's the bark berry on me in size 4.  As you can see, it is not skin tight but it is not the same slouchy fit as the model.  The color is nice and earthy.  It's like a reddish taupe.

So when I was looking at the online photos, I thought the raspberry glow stripe on the back was built into the mesh.  But it's actually only attached on the top and bottom.  The rest of it is not attached.  It's kind of weird. 

And of course it means the line will not always lie straight.  Not a big deal I guess.  I don't think this line has any purpose other than decorative.  It's not reflective - would have been cooler if it had a reflective stripe down the middle!  But that's too much like Splits59.

The white one fits the same.  I do like that white can show different bras under it.  I think I might try this one in a size 6 in the store if they have them.  

The LS Tee is kind of interesting.  I got it because I liked the design on the back and I liked the sheerness.  I figure I could wear it to and from the gym, and my tank underneath would show through and that would be cute!  It could also work as a cute layer for the cooler summer nights.

I got this top in size 4 as well.  I think the fit is good so I wouldn't size up or down.

The stitchings around the mesh cutout areas really bother me.  How sloppy looking:

 More close ups of the stitchings and how lumpy it looks:

All the lines from the side view looks rather messy as well:

I like the back:

The material in this top is the swim fabric,  which I think is almost too fragile to be sewn with the mesh.  That may be why they do not lie flat at all.  It really looks pretty cheap.  Maybe the black one would be better since these details would be hidden.  I should see if I can try it on.

Anyway, I am a little surprised by the raving reviews online regarding these items.  I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.


  1. "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!" Might be my favorite Zoolander quote ever!! Thanks for the reviews. Insightful as always.

  2. I think the puckering you're experiencing with the IYL long sleeve is because of your ample bosom. I have the black in my crb size 6 and I don't get any of the stretch and unevenness you're getting. Maybe try a size up to relax the seams?

    1. Hmm I don't know about that. I'm not that well endowed lol. It actually looks like that while its laying on the floor. And this is the same size as my crb as well. I think maybe black is better at hiding flaws... I'm going to walk over to Lulu tomorrow and see if they have any for me to look at in person.

  3. I like the white tank and the longsleeve on you. I want the. Lack longsleeve soooo bad, but sold out in size 6 online & in my store :( I would love to see the black on you, just in case I get lucky & someone returns a 6. Your pictures are always so detailed & much more true to life than the store photos. Love your blog. It is so helpful!

    1. Sorry. That was supposed to say *I want the black longsleeve :)

    2. Thanks! I'm going to the store later today, will see if they have any available.

  4. Re: The long sleeve top - Sizing up will clearly not fix the cheap fug that is this "If You're Lucky" line. I say just return it all. You look fabulous in everything (seriously!) and this is not flattering or cute.

    1. The online photos do not show puckering like that. Maybe she got a defective one. I have seen many flattering pictures of that top & I think she looks great in it, minus the puckering seams on that particular one

  5. I totally agree with you about being surprised about the rave reviews! I'm mystified. I think the line looks and feels a little cheap - not a big fan of the material or the level of sheerness in the lighter colors. Especially when there are so many other brands doing mesh and cut outs better!


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