Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A couple Vince Camuto Tops

I got a couple different Vince Camuto tops in the last couple weeks, and I really like them!  First, I got the Mix Stitch Mesh Layering sweater in aqua ice, then I went back and got another one in white!  They went on sale at Nordstrom for only like $35.  But they sold out super fast, otherwise I would have gotten the black one too!  I found the aqua ice one on sale on a different site here though.

I love mesh sweaters.  They are just perfect for most of the year where I live.  I really like that this one has a wavy design instead of just mesh everywhere.  It makes the top look more unique.  I got this top in size XS in the aqua ice color.  But I think size S would have worked too for a looser fit.

After I received the aqua ice one, I decided I needed to get the white and the black one too!  But black was already completely sold out.  White was only available in petite sizes.  So I figured I'd take a chance on a size up in petite, and ordered size S.  It's so easy to return things at Nordstrom anyway, if it didn't work out.

Well, it looks like the petite S is exactly the same as the regular XS!  Here's the white one on top of aqua ice.  They look the same to me:

Here's how it looks on me - I was worried it would have been too short, but it's ok!

The next top I got was directly from Vince Camuto's website - the Melange Jersey Crewneck.

I got this top in XS since it was the only size they had left.  It's actually a perfect fit.  I really really like it!  The fit couldn't be more perfect, IMO.  The top is also very soft and comfortable.  The shoulder details make it look a bit more military inspired.  It's on sale for only $34.  Highly recommend this!

Close up of the heathering on the material:

The black part on the shoulder detail actually is covered with black mesh, with the 3 rows of studs over:

Lastly, I got the Beehive Rib Stitch sweater.  I first saw it on Vince Camuto's site, but they only have size L left, so I googled and found it on 6pm.com and ordered there (it looks much better on the Vince Camuto model than the 6pm model).

While I think this is a comfy sweater, and nothing is really wrong with it, I decided that it's not really my thing.  Maybe it's because of the color.  So I actually returned it.  But for what it's worth, it feels pretty nice and soft!  I got it in size XS too and it fits quite loosely:

So the sleeves are mesh but the body is not:

I guess I just feel like I wouldn't get enough wear out of it.  Maybe if I lived somewhere cooler, I'd be able to wear it more.  But I'm not mad at it at all.  I'm just being kind of picky by returning it!

Anyway, super happy with my new Vince Camuto tops.  I already ordered a couple more from Nordstrom, haha!  We'll see how they turn out - so exciting!  =D

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