Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Funday!

Happy Sunday!  I just got back from seeing the 3rd Hobbit movie.  I had been meaning to go watch it since I watched the first 2 on DVD not too long ago.  This movie had what felt like a 2 hour long battle scene.  So over the top!  But I guess that's the kind of action most people want to see.  I did enjoy shots of The Shire though, since I went to New Zealand like 10 years ago and visited Hobbiton where they shot it.  It's very cute there!  But anyway, now I have to catch up on my homework!  I started taking some classes on Coursera a couple weeks ago.   If you haven't heard about Coursera, it's a website which offers just about any class you can think of, taught by professors from some of the world's best universities, for free.  The courses run for a few months, and for most of them you can get a certificate at the end.  I believe you do have to pay for the certificate for some of them though.  I don't really care for a certificate myself, but one of the classes I am taking currently is a Genetics class because that was always the most interesting part of biology to me.  So I thought I'd try to learn more about it.  There's weekly lectures and homework, and my homework is due every Monday morning!  I procrastinated on my lectures earlier this week, so tonight I have to play catch up!  After I blog, of course.  Lol.

Oh yeah, in other news, I got a new phone finally!  I got a white iPhone 6!  I'm so much happier now.  My old iPhone 5 was one of the ones that had a battery recall (I pre-ordered it when it first came out and got the first batch).  But because I have a tiny, almost imperceptible dent on one of the front corners, Apple wouldn't replace the battery for me.  They said if they took out the face, that little dent would prevent them from putting it back exactly where it should go and then my touch screen would be all messed up.  So annoying!  I lived with that shitty battery for so long, partially because I was afraid to be one of the first people to get the iphone 6 and have to deal with an equally annoying issue later down the road.  My battery life on my old phone was so bad that I literally had to charge my phone 4-5 times a day.  I'd get up in the morning with 100% battery.  A couple hours later, I'd be at work with 15% battery left.  That is, if I was lucky.  Sometimes it would die at 50% lol.  My new phone, on the other hand, hasn't been charged in 2 days and it's still going!  I'm so happy that I don't have to take my charger everywhere with me anymore.  It is truly life-changing.

So this week, I completed week 3 of my month 3 workouts from Get Glutes.  I have one more week left, but I got a preview of month 4 workouts - they seem to be kicked up a notch!  So I guess I'll have that to look forward to later.

Monday 1/12 - Rest

Tuesday 1/13
What I did:  Strength 1 workout.

What I wore:  Lululemon Water Bound singlet in bleached coral and Lululemon Wunder Under crop in animal swirl - I really loved these!  Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 shoes in hyper cobalt/bright mango.

Wednesday 1/14 - Slept in and skipped the gym.  I went to bed too late.  This is something I'm trying to get better at.  I need more sleep!  I really only sleep like 6 hours a night, and I'd like it to be at least 7.  I think it's true that rest is just as important as the workout.  So I'm trying to "listen to my body".  Though I'm not sure yet how I can distinguish between really needing rest, or just being lazy.  I nearly always feel like sleeping in so if I really listened to that, I'd never make it to the gym.  =P

Thursday 1/15
What I did:  I did strength #2.

What I wore:  Lole Spiral tank with Lululemon free to be bra in white under it.  Lululemon wunder under crop in diamond jacquard flaming tomato, and Nike Free 3.0s.

Friday 1/16
What I did:  Conditioning work for about 40 minutes.  Then I did 20 minutes interval on the gauntlet.

What I wore:  Lululemon No Limit tank in flash with Lululemon Inspire crop in savasana camo fatigue green.  Same Nike Free 3.0s as the day before.

First day taking pics with the new phone!  It's supposed to have a better camera.  I think the details do show up better.

Saturday 1/17
What I did:  3rd Strength session, plus 15 minutes on the gauntlet afterwards.

Ever since I tried these sneakers out last week for a workout, I actually liked them so I'll be adding them to the rotation!  I would not wear them to run or jump around too much, but for weights and the gauntlet, they are actually pretty good!

Since I completed all my workouts and extra cardio this week, I decided to take today off and not push it too hard.  I guess I'm trying to workout less when everyone else is trying to workout more lol.  
Now off to do my homework!  I hope you are all having a great weekend!  I'm so happy that tomorrow is the MLK holiday so this is a 3 day weekend for me!

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