Thursday, January 22, 2015

Scotch and Soda Doubled Hooded Sweatshirt

About a year ago, I was eyeing the Scotch and Soda Home Alone sweater for a while and just before I pulled the trigger, it was sold out!  I had been looking for it ever since.  Here is what it looks like:

I really was kicking myself for not buying it - it wasn't even that expensive!  I think the retail price was $89.  I have no idea why I thought for so long.

So I've kind of given up hope that I'll ever find that particular sweater.  But I have been checking the Scotch and Soda site fairly regularly.  I found a close enough substitute for it!  It also happens to be on sale for only $41 on their site right now, with free shipping too!  So I bought this doubled hooded sweater.  Ignore the 1-star review on that link, I think that person is reviewing a totally different item!  They said the sweater is slick in person which is not true, it is a knit and is very soft.

The same exact sweater is also available at Nordstrom, and on sale too.  But it is $89 there and missing the smaller sizes.  Interestingly enough, this sweatshirt is called "layered sweater" on the Scotch and Soda site, but "Home Alone sweater" on the Nordstrom site.  Also, the brand is listed as Maison Scotch at Nordstrom, which matches what the tag says on the actual sweater.  So, I guess I don't really know if the brand is Scotch and Soda, or Maison Scotch.  But either way, the retail price has gone up to $135.

I actually got my order the day after I placed it, because they ship from LA - that's always a plus!  Their size range goes like this: P, 1, 2, 3, 4.  This is a Dutch brand, so the sizes are quite different.  But I ordered a size 1, which is equivalent to small I guess.  I definitely would not have wanted this sweater any smaller.  The cut is fitted, so I actually could size up to a 2 for a baggier look.  But I like the way the 1 fits and will definitely be keeping it!  I've actually been wearing it all night last night and tonight.  It's the coziest sweater ever!  I'm very glad to have gotten it for such a good price.

The most attractive part about this sweater is the double layered hood, I think.  

The side zipper does work as well, and this is how it looks unzipped:

There is also this logo on the lower left side:

The comfort level of this sweater seriously surpassed my expectations.  I think it really lives up to its name being the "Home Alone" sweater!  It just makes me feel so cozy without being too hot.  This kind of herringbone like print is also slightly more interesting than the marled gray color I had been wanting for so long.  So I'm very happy with it!

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