Thursday, July 11, 2013

3 More Lole Tanks!

After I returned the Lole Central tank top that I ordered last time, I ordered the Stride tank but didn't find it to be that great.  So I returned that one, and got another Spiral tank, in white this time!  The reason I couldn't just get a refund was because I bought that Gilt City deal, $100 for $200 worth of merchandise.  And I had to use the rest of my credit.  So I figured that since I really like my black spiral tank, I couldn't go wrong with another one.

I received it a couple days ago, and I do really love it!  I think the print is very pretty.  And it's such a beautiful bright white!  Too bad it probably won't remain that way for long.  Does anybody have any tricks to make whites stay as white and bright as new??

I ordered this tank in size XS, same as my other Spiral tank.  It fits exactly the same.  I really like the soft material and longer length of this tank.  Even though I have to compromise with the fact that it doesn't have a very supportive built in bra.  It's actually a little obscene in white because you can totally see headlights!  It is just 2 thin layers, no pockets for padding.  And when I did put some padding under to test it out, you could totally see the nude color of the padding so I can't even sew any in.  That means I definitely have to wear a bra under it.  Oh well!

Here's the back of it.  They didn't have a picture of the back of the white color online, so I didn't know that the strap was 2 colored.  Oh well, I don't mind it at all.

So in the meantime of exchanging and waiting for my account to be credited back, I actually bought 2 more Lole tanks from other websites!  Since I love my Fly tank top so much, I got another one from which is an older version of the tank, for only $28.  They ship for free to LA too.  It is slightly different, where the back straps start at the back around the shoulder blades instead of from the front like the newer version.  The side pocket is a slightly different shape, and it does not have pockets for cup inserts.  That sucks!  But I love the color, which is called Iris Heather.  Its a beautiful purple color with some heathering if you look up close.  So I decided to keep it anyways.  Also got it in size small, same as my other one, and they fit pretty much exactly the same.

Lastly, I got the Waltz tank in chalk flower from  It's only $22!  I see the Waltz 2 tank on Lole's website, which is now on sale for $41.  It's mostly different in the neck line.  The Waltz tank I got has this drapey neck.  It's a burnout cotton material.  I got it in size XS but it fits pretty loose and long still.  I think it will look great with a bright colored bra under!

Don't mind my bra straps underneath... not a part of the tank design

I most likely won't wear it to workout in, but rather as a casual piece.  It will look great with a pair of shorts for the summer!


  1. Very nice tops! I wonder why they don't have pockets for bra cup inserts. I noticed that there are quite a lot of such tops from various brands in US (except lululemon, which got me hooked in the first place).

    People are used to wearing their own bra with such support tops? Or they don't mind to show headlights after sweating?

    I tried to wear my own bra with such support top. But I feel the circulation being cut off at the elastic bands. How do you intend to wear yours?

    1. Yeah I know exactly what you mean... that is why I hate layering multiple bras/tops with built in bras. And I don't like very supportive sports bras in general. They make me feel like I can't breathe. It's not like I have a lot that needs support anyways lol. I think the trick if you have to layer bras, is to just go with less supportive bras. For example, I love my Lulu Free To Be bras and always size up in them so I feel more comfortable. I tried it on under the Lole tank and it worked perfectly!

  2. My tricks for keeping whites white:
    Lady speed stick deodorant-the one specific to protect clothes from underarm stains, warm wash with detergent (I use Tide sport), and I throw in one of those Oxy brand boosters. I find the oxy brand to work the best. Strange, but I get questions from how I get my whites to look so bright....
    I love the Lole tank!!

    1. I use the Tide sport detergent too! I love it. Good idea with the Oxy boosters! I'm gonna have to go get some... thanks!

  3. Put a drop of blue rid dye In with white and it eliminates any yellows and keeps white bright ! I do it all the time!! Make sure to just use a little bit and out in once the water in the washer is full!

    1. Hmm that's interesting Greta! I'm not sure how to put it in when the water is full though, since I have a front loader...?


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