Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Express Dress & Cami

My mom gave me an Express gift card for Christmas.  Kind of random, since I don't shop there all that often.  But I guess I do have a lot of things from there accumulated throughout the years, particularly for work (all my work pants are from there and they are great!).  So I thought I'd make good use of it during their end of season sale which is still going on right now - you get additional 30% off of sale prices!  I actually made another order, so I have more things coming.  But here are the two items I got so far!

I got this dress I had been eyeing since Thanksgiving but didn't want to pay full price for it - the Lace Open Back Sheath Dress in red.  It is now on sale for $49.  When I ordered it, there was only size S left so I got that.  Looks like it's been restocked in a couple other sizes now though.

Well... I'm not sure about this dress!  The open back is a bit much and I don't know what bra to wear with it.  In this size, the top portion of the dress fits me well, but the bottom fits looser comparatively.  Also the material on the left hip does not lay flat.  You can see it on the photo of it on me below - there's a weird bump thing on my left:

I'm just wearing a normal bra here:

I do like the idea of this dress being long sleeve and high coverage on the front.  I also love the beautiful red color!  It's got a nude colored lining, so you don't have to wear anything underneath.  Here are some close ups:

Again, this "bump" is visible where the material just does not want to lay flat:

I actually went ahead and ordered the fully covered back version of this dress.  It is sold out online now, but I'll receive it soon and hopefully that will work better.  I'll decide then whether I will keep one or return both.

The second item I got so far is the Barcelona cami in a "wet" look.  The color is rust.  The best part about this cami is that it's reversible!  Express actually has quite a few of these in various colors.  This particular one I got reverses to black.  That's always versatile!  It's now on sale for $29.99, + additional 30% off.  It's like getting 2 camis!  Hehe.

Even though this cami looks like it fits large on the model, I still went for a size S because I was afraid XS would be too short.  Turns out, there is no way I could have fit into XS!  The body is loose fitting, but the chest is rather tight since the material has no stretch.  I wouldn't be able to squeeze my boobs into anything smaller.

I got this cami to wear to work.  I think it would be cute to wear under a jacket.  And since it is rather long, I'd tuck it into my bottom:

Here's the reverse side - the straps are still in rust, but rest of the body is black.  I love the reversibility!

So, not bad so far.  I will wait for my other order to arrive and assess which items I'm keeping/returning.  It's fun to shop with a gift card, especially at Express when things are on sale like this!  A couple hundred bucks go a long way!

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  1. Return the dress. The fabric bunching is going to annoy you, and the front underlay looks a little strange up close. You are definitely rocking it, but you could rock any similar dress.


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