Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Funday! First of 2015!

I've been spending the first few days of 2015 limping around.  Haha!  On Tuesday morning, I went back to the gym for my first real weight lifting session since about 2 weeks ago.  I told myself throughout the whole session to take it easy, but I guess I still did a little too much too fast!  Well, I started by doing 5 sets of dead lifts, which was probably not the best idea... but it felt easy at the time!  The same day in the afternoon, I already started feeling sore though!  So I knew that was bad news.  For some reason, whenever I take a break longer than say... a week, I always get super sore when I do a lower body workout again.  My upper body never gets that sore, no matter how heavy I think I'm going during my workouts.  So anyway, my back and glutes really felt it for the next 2 days.  Just when I started getting a little better, I did my second weights session which made everything 10 times worse - I think I actually tore up my hammies.  So yeah, I've had trouble even doing simple things like walking around lol.  There was no way I could have done anything involving lower body after that second workout.  So I may have to just do upper body only for the next couple days.

Since I had so much rest time this week, I tried a new drink involving my bottle of St Germaine.  This one is pretty refreshing!  It's pureed cucumber, vodka, St Germaine, and topped with club soda.  Good stuff!!  I drank a couple of this on New Year's Eve, and both my bf and I fell asleep before the count down!  Oops.  That was a first.  I guess we're old!

I thought my last meal of 2014 was pretty amazing though.  I went to The Palm restaurant, which is a fancy steakhouse, and had the wasabi and panko crusted ahi tuna.  Omg, so so good!  The portion was huge too.

So, I guess I had a good New Years anyways!  Hehe.

This week was unusually cold for us, so I got to take out some of my "cold weather" items!  Happy to be sharing some slightly different outfits.  =)

Monday 12/29 - Rest

Tuesday 12/30
What I did:  I did the first weight session from month 3 of the Get Glutes program.

What I wore:  Lorna Jane Sunrise tank and Sunrise bra under.  Lululemon Live Natural Crop, and Nike Free 3.0s.  Ombre on ombre!!!

As to and from, because it was sooo cold, I wore my Lululemon Outward Bound jacket in wish blue.  I don't get to wear this beauty enough!

Wednesday 12/31 - Rest since I was SO sore already!

Thursday 1/1
What I did:  Well, I had the day off, so I rolled out my butt and legs all morning.  Felt way better afterwards so I thought I was ready for a workout again!  Big mistake.  But I did the second strength workout from my program, and added like 5 more exercises on top of it.  At the end, my legs were like jello and I was still trying to do frog jumps lol.

What I wore:  Lululemon Swiftly tank in heathered plum, with Alo Yoga Airbrushed Capri in arctic natural, and same Nike Free 3.0s as the last workout.  First time wearing these tights since I bought them!  I thought they were pretty good, although the knee/lower calf area rode up a little because it's not that tight fitting.  Not a big deal, just messed up the look of the horizontal prints a little.  =)

Lululemon Off The Mat jacket in black swan as to and from:

Friday 1/2 - Rest, didn't even think about trying to go to the gym lol.  

Saturday 1/3 - Rest again!  And again didn't even think about going to the gym.  It was that bad!  I did manage to get out of the house for brunch though, in heels no less!  I was in so much pain lol.  But the Bullet Proof latte I had was worth it.  You know, I actually do like coffee with butter mixed in.  But I'm too lazy to go find grass fed butter and make my own Bullet Proof coffee.  However, I love LA for the fact that you can pay someone to make it for you at a hipster coffee spot lol.  Though it ain't cheap at 5 bucks.  I got it as a latte though, and with butter and coconut oil too.  So I guess that's only a $1.5 premium on top of an equal sized Starbucks latte.  

I wore my Michael Kors leather jacket, with this cashmere scarf I found in my drawer which my bf got me a couple years ago and I somehow completely forgot about.  Joe's Jeans, and booties with fur!  Kate Spade Carson bag.

These are my comfy heels!  Warm too!  I'm thinking of cutting off the attached bling so I can wear them more often.

Sunday 1/4
What I did:  My hamstrings are still quite messed up, but I got tired of resting.  So I went to the gym to only do upper body exercises.  I used to do split body part weight lifting days, but all the workouts from Get Glutes are full body so I hadn't done that in a while!

Love that the crops match the gray in the shoes!

As to and from, I wore the Lululemon Swiftly LS in fruitie tootie, with Lululemon Spring Fling vest in savasana camo fatigue green.

I can't wait till I recover and get back to normal!  Hope you all had a great start to the new year, and a great first weekend of 2015!

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