Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My 2nd Express End of Season Sale Order

My second order from the Express End of Season sale arrived and I think I'm going to return most of it!  But I might keep the lace illusion back dress which is very similar in style to the open back red lace dress I got last week.  The difference is that this one has a completely covered back, which I like better.  I got it in size XS and it fits better than the other one in size S as well.  But it is kinda short!  So I'm going to think about it.  I got it for only $35 though, which is cheap enough to keep around I think.

On me:

This one also has nude lining:

I wish it was a couple inches longer!

I also bought another high waist pintucked pencil skirt.  I have this exact style in heather gray, so I got a darker gray this time since it was on sale.  

I feel ok about this skirt.  It's kind of close in style/color to other pencil skirts I already have.  So I'm inclined to return it or exchange it for a different color/item.  I already have so many pencil skirts!  But it's a nice skirt though.  I think I paid $25 for it which is pretty cheap!  Got it in size 2 which is the same as my other one:

I like the faux leather trim on top:

The third item I got is definitely a return.  It's too bad because I was excited about it!  It's a textured stripe sweater dress.  I thought it looked nice on the model:

On me though, it is sooooo short!  It's almost like a tunic.  I got it in size XS, since it was the only size they had left.  Maybe a size up would be better, but I can't see it being much longer.  So this is a definite no.  So sad!  I like the pattern too.

This dress would be soooo much cuter if they just added a few inches.

So, that's my unexciting Express order.  Hahaha... on the same note, I actually got one thing from the Ann Taylor sale too.  Is everybody having an after holiday sale or what?  There are so many ways to spend money right now!

I got this Crepe pencil skirt from Ann Taylor, in cherry red.  I really liked the shade of red on the online photo.  But it is not this nice darker red in person.  :(  It is more just a regular, brighter red shade, which would be ok if I didn't already have a red Express skirt in the same exact shade and style.

I'm not going to bother returning it though since it was like $20 or something.  So I'll just wear it I suppose.  This skirt was only available in size 2, and I almost didn't get it since I normally find even Ann Taylor's size 0 to be loose.  But I read the reviews which said it ran a whole size smaller.  So I took a chance.  It really does run small.  It fits tighter than some of my size 0 skirts from there, actually.

I have to wear work clothes 5 days a week, so I'm not worried that this skirt won't get any use.  I'm just rather disappointed that it isn't what I thought it was going to be!  Well, with online shopping, this is bound to happen from time to time, I suppose.

After I return my Express order, I'll have the money back on my gift card, which means I'll be back soon!  =P

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  1. The red lace dress looks sexy! However, am I imagining this or is the lace on the model's dress less dense yours? I can see more of the nude on the model's dress than yours?

    1. I think they muted the color on the model's photo. Or maybe the flash was too bright? I don't know, but the color is very saturated in person. A bright red like in my photos!


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