Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lululemon Snug Sprinter Jacket Heathered Slate/Dream Rose

Lululemon put the Snug Sprinter jacket on sale the other day, and I couldn't help but to get it!  I actually liked this jacket when I first saw it, but I wasn't going to pay $168 for it especially since I live in a pretty warm climate.  It is now on sale for $99 though, and I pulled the trigger even though I had not tried it on before.

I received it today and I must say, it is a really great jacket!  $99 is definitely not a bad price for it considering what you get.  I had no idea what Polartec Power Stretch fabric was, so I didn't know it was going to be so soft and warm on the inside!  It's a lightweight fleece kind of fabric, and I think I could wear it in LA on colder days and evenings.  It will be great to take on trips to colder places as well.

I got the Heathered Slate/Dream Rose color, in my regular size 4.

So I think this jacket is true to size.  Although if you are very well endowed, you may not be able to zip it up fully.  The stomach area fits loose, while the chest fits a little tighter.  But I think this jacket is very slimming!

The Dream Rose (printed) portion of the jacket is made of Glyde, which is a water resistant fabric.

There is actually a hood hidden inside the collar - I love this feature!  You just unzipped the collar to get it out:

This is what it looks like when the hood is out:

And the back...

I think I actually like it better with the hood out.  Because I'm not a huge fan of the puckered design on the upper back.  When the hood is out, it covers it.

There are also side vents which you can unzip to cool yourself:

Here it is open... there is one on each side:

The pockets are quite large as well, and also can be zipped shut:

Here's what it looks like inside.  Also showing the headphone window.

I love this jacket!  It also looks good half zipped or totally unzipped, which makes it very easy to wear.

If I lived in a colder place, I'd totally buy another 1 or 2 of this jacket!  It also comes in heathered silver spoon/white, and heathered black.

The dream rose color caught my eye the best.  It's a nice print which is not too loud.  I think it is also nice in white or black though.  Black would be a great basic to have.

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  1. Jacket is cute!! Now, tell me about those jeans please!!! Love them.

    1. Oh those are old! They are True Religion Joey jeans with white sequin. I've had them for close to 10 years now...

  2. Oh wow, I totally broke down and had to order this jacket after your review! This was totally off my lulu radar until this post. Love the slim fit and unique details. The dream rose print is so beautiful in your photos. Thanks for your awesome blog and detailed product reviews:).


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