Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Funday!

I've had the most frustrating week!  I overindulged a little with yummy food over the Thanksgiving break.  But to be honest, I wasn't that terrible, and I got all my workouts in.  But I had the hardest time getting rid of the extra water weight this week (at least I hope it's water weight?)!  Well, of course the timing didn't help at all, since that time of the month started at the same time.  But all week long I just felt horribly bloated!  Nothing I did would help.  Sigh... I really hope I can get back to normal soon.

I worked out extra hard this week too!  Argh.

Monday 12/1
What I did:  I started the week by doing conditioning workout instead of strength, because I did a strength session last Sunday which made me pretty sore.

What I wore:  Beyond Yoga Elastic Sweep tank with Lululemon wunder under crop in pretty palm cadet blue.  And Nike Free 3.0s.

Splits59 Vail cutout pullover in barberry/apricot as to and from:

Tuesday 12/2:  Rest day, I was actually still sore from last Sunday's workout!  I guess Monday's conditioning workout only intensified it.  So I actually got up at 4 am, walked around a bit and decided I was too sore to go to the gym so I went back to sleep!

Wednesday 12/3
What I did:  Strength session #1.

Alo Yoga Exhale long sleeve top in black as to and from:

Thursday 12/4
What I did:  Conditioning #2

Splits59 Pose Fx racerback pullover in white/silver as to and from:

Friday 12/5
What I did:  Strength training #2

What I wore:  Splits59 Sprint V-Back tank with Lorna Jane Dual Support bra under.  Beyond Yoga Gathered Legging in fern green, and same shoes as the day before!  I'm actually quite surprised how much I wear these shoes.

Saturday 12/6
What I did:  Strength #3, then I did some more conditioning workout afterwards in an attempt to burn off some extra fat lol.

My new cozy jacket as to and from!  Lululemon Karmacollected jacket:

I went out to sushi on Saturday night to one of the most popular sushi places in LA's Little Tokyo - Sushi Gen.  I actually saw a girl there wearing the exact same jacket!  She was a couple inches shorter than me though, so it looked longer on her.  I was jealous lol.  As for my outfit, I also wore Lululemon!  The Tech Mesh tight, with Ash Orchid wedge boot over them.  And Aiko Trudie silk & leather top.

And here's my dinner!  I got the Sashimi dinner, which actually comes with tempura shrimp & veggies too which is not pictured.  

Got the uni and toro on the side - melts in your mouth good!  If they weren't $12 per order, I would have gotten a lot more lol.

I know I'm always talking about eating healthy and whatnot, but I'm really a fat kid at heart.  I think life is not really worth living if I couldn't experience all the good food!  Hehe.  So as much as I am annoyed by the fact that I can't seem to lose the extra flab gained from Thanksgiving, I wouldn't want it any other way!  So, I will continue to workout hard and eat the good stuff in moderation!  I do hope that I'll make some progress next week though.  =)

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