Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lululemon Karmacollected Jacket & Exquisite Items

After a long dry spell, I finally ordered something from Lululemon this week!  I think they almost lost me there, because I kept checking every week and just was not interested in anything.  Though of course I have a lot of workout stuff so I'm pickier nowadays.  Then I thought all was lost when they uploaded the gold sequined leggings and other crap on Thanksgiving.  Buuuuut, I'm back!  For now at least.

I thought the Karmacollected Jacket looked so cute!  I actually couldn't decide which color I wanted.  They had heather light gray, heathered inkwell and heathered speckled black.  Today they actually uploaded a dark brown color called heathered rich earth.  It's kind of interesting since Lululemon doesn't do earthy colors very often at all.  But I'm not really an earthy colored person most of the time, so I'm not tempted by it.

So anyway, I decided to order the heathered light grey after some thought.  But I like all the colors, and it was really a draw.

This picture is the one that sold it to me!

These... not so much.  But I decided to give it a shot anyway:

I ordered in a size 4, which is my normal size.  I don't think I have ever sized up in any Lululemon jackets.  This one fits true to size.  The style is actually quite similar to the Off The Mat jacket that is too hot for me to wear most of the time.  Different materials of course, and way smaller collar.

Here it is on me:

This is actually quite a warm jacket too.  It's got cotton fleece on the back as well as the inside of the sleeves.  It's very comfortable!  Here are some close ups:

The collar has 4 snap buttons, which is quite huge after you close them:

I guess you can also only button the lower ones and leave the top ones unbuttoned.  Looks kinda weird though:

It is also ok unzipped, unlike the Off The Mat jacket that you can ONLY wear zipped (or it looks crazy big).  But because of the thickness of the collars, they don't quite drape that well:

It's not really an option to wear this jacket half-zipped, since the collars look way too wide this way:

So I think it's a cute and comfy jacket!  I do wish it was slightly longer though.  But I like it and I think it's a keeper!  I can wear it to the gym or with jeans.

I also got the Exquisite bra in nightfall.  I thought it was an interesting design, though not sure how practical it is.  I still feel the same after I received it and tried it on haha.  

I do have to say that it is a lot more comfortable on than I'd imagined.  I sized up to a 6.  Actually, that is my preferred size in bras.  I am kind of disappointed by the color in person though.  It really looks more gray to me than blue.  


So I like the design of the bra, and it fits nicely.  But I wonder how it would feel to workout in this bra, since it's like a half tank.  Not sure if that will cause discomfort.  I am definitely not brave enough to wear this bra on its own outside of the house either.  So I may actually return it.  Good thing I have more time to think about it since the holiday return period is much longer than the usual 2 weeks.

Lastly, I got the Exquisite tank in black.  I don't usually buy black tanks, but I liked all the mesh on it.  It just looks much nicer in black than nightfall which is the other color it comes in.  Now that I've seen nightfall in person, I definitely think black is nicer.

I got this tank in size 4.  It's a tighter fitting tank, but still true to size I think.  But if you prefer a looser fit, a size up would not be too loose either.  I think I actually might like it in size 6 on me better, because I'm not really into tight fitting tanks nowadays.  

I really like the front of this tank:

I'm going to think on this one for a while too.  It's cute but it doesn't "wow" me.  I'm leaning towards returning it.  My closet space is precious commodity, I am really trying to fill it with only things I love!  =)

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  1. I'm glad you did a review on these pieces because the exquisite bra and tank caught my attention too

  2. Love the jacket. I got one, too!

  3. Did you end up keeping the bra? I just got one on markdown at my store :) I figure I have until summer to become confident enough to wear it on its own lol

    1. I did end up returning the bra. Don't think I'll ever be brave enough to wear it on its own lol


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