Tuesday, December 2, 2014

More Casual Pieces!

I got a few more casual wear items!  They are all so cheap lol.  I got 2 tops from Nordstrom Rack and one pair of pants from ideeli.

The first top I got from Nordstrom Rack is this American Vintage scoop neck long sleeve tee, in "ink".  It is made of 100% supima cotton and it's super soft!  It's very thin though, and you have to wear a cami under.  I got it in size S and I like this top a lot!  The length is great - the sleeves are actually quite long too.  It's a great casual piece, and color goes with everything.

The second top I got is the Trouve back cut out burnout tee.  The front is rather normal looking, but the back cut out detailing is cute!  It was only $14.  I got it in size S as well.  I think this one can double up as a workout tank lol.

Too bad you can see the bra straps though.  But not a super big deal.

The pants I got from ideeli are the Athena Marie pant with tie waist, in olive.  They are $29 but I had a credit so they only cost me $7 including shipping lol.  I'm actually quite surprised by these pants.  They look really big and kinda ugly when you hold them up.  But once on, they are actually pretty cute!  The material is 100% tencel, so they are light and cool to the touch.  They do wrinkle though.  But not as bad as linen.  You can kind of shake them out.  They would be great to pack for trips!  There are so many warm days here in LA, I could get a lot of use of them.

I got them in size S.  They fit very generously.  You have to adjust the waist tie for the best fit.

Pretty happy with all my new stuff!  

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