Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ivivva Rhythmic Crop Lux - Houndstooth Fairy Emboss

I'm a fan of houndstooth print, and I almost bought the Lululemon wunder under pants in giant houndstooth dip dye last week.  I wasn't too excited about them because they are not crops - I don't really ever wear full length tights to workout in.  And even if I were to alter them into crops, I would have to lose most of the houndstooth print since they are on the bottom.  So as I was contemplating them, I got an email about the Ivivva upload which had the Rhythmic Crop in houndstooth fairy emboss!  That's just perfect, I bought them right away.

I got them so fast that I didn't even read that they were luxtreme!  So that was a surprise when I first took them out of the package.  I really like that too!  I got them in size 12, and they are very stretchy.  Definitely stretchier than my luon space dye versions of these crops.  They are very comfortable on, but I think the luxtreme is also thinner than the luxtreme in Lululemon tights.  So they are actually kind of sheer in a deep squat position.  The sheen in the embossed houndstooth print kind of acts as a distraction though, so it's the kind of sheerness I can live with, especially for $54.

This is the length of them on me - same as the space dye ones:

I had to mess with the exposure a bit to make sure the embossed print shows up on photos.  They are obviously darker in person, like the official web photos:

I actually already wore them for a workout!  I found that they were sliding down in the beginning, but once I started sweating a little, they stayed in place.  I think maybe a size down would stay up better, but that might be real sheer in the back so better safe than sorry.  I start sweating so quick anyways that it's not a real issue for me lol.  I think thinner material is standard for Ivivva crops vs Lululemon crops though, at least the ones I've bought (this is my 5th pair of Ivivva crop).  That's why they cost less, I guess.

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