Saturday, December 6, 2014

Alo Yoga Airbrushed Capri

A while ago, I saw the Alo Yoga Airbrushed Leggings in Arctic Natural, and I really liked them.  But I don't really wear full length leggings so I didn't get them.  But now they are out in capri length!  So I thought I'd try them out - I've never tried Alo leggings before!

I ordered them from Zappos instead of Alo's website, because Zappos has free 2 day shipping and returns.  I was unsure of what size to get, but went with XS since I have a lot of Alo items and they tend to run on the large side.  

I received them just a day after I ordered them!  When I first felt them, the material was really nice and thick.  They are actually very similar to Lululemon's wunder unders.  But they have a slightly lower rise and the inseam is also shorter.  Here they are on me:

So they are a good 3 inches shorter than wunder unders.  The description says 18 inch inseam, and Lululemon's description says 21.5 so that is actually 3.5 inches.  I do wish these were a couple inches longer - that would have been ideal.

The print is so cozy looking!  It reminds me of a warm thick sweater lol.  The material is not a knit, despite how it looks.  It's a print so it has a smooth surface.

I also wish the rise was higher, because I normally find lower rise easier to slide down during workouts.  It's not a problem once I start to sweat a little and then they usually stay in place.  But I rather not have to worry about it at all.  

They've got a wide waistband, just like Lululemon bottoms, which I love:

The Alo logo is on the lower left leg, it kind of blends into the print:

Just like Lululemon, these capris have a hidden waist pocket on the left side of the waistband on the front.  I think the size is exactly the same as well:

Also a triangular gusset:

The tag is almost identical to Lulu's as well, except it doesn't rip out, so you actually have to cut it.  The fabric content is very similar to luon as well.  I think these have more spandex though?  I can't remember the exact composition of luon.  They are probably made in the same factory lol.

I actually think this print works well as casual wear with boots over:

These leggings are even the same price as wunder under crops - $72.  Well, nowadays there are so many "upgraded" versions of wunder under crops.  But the base version is $72 still.  

There are also some cute space dye prints as well as a dark blue version of the print I got.  I'll have to try these out for a workout, but if I like them, I'd consider getting more.  I hope the rise will not be too bothersome!

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