Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cute Ivivva Legwarmers!

I ordered the Ivivva Breathe Relax Love legwarmers since they are now on sale for $19.  They arrived today which couldn't have been more perfect!  It's been super cold here this week.  Well, cold for us Southern Californians at least.  In fact, I read that the famous New Year's Day Rose Parade in Pasadena may hit the lowest temperature this year out of its 126 year history!  The coldest so far has been in 1952, when it was 32 degrees.

So, I came home from the cold and rainy day and found the much needed legwarmers!  They are super cute and cozy too, I've been wearing them ever since I took them out of the package!  They are definitely doing the job of keeping my legs warmer hehe.  I got the heathered medium grey color in size M/L, which seems to be sold out online now.  They still have pink and deep zinfandel though - so tempting!  If I lived in a colder place, I'd buy so many legwarmers.

This is how long the M/L size looks on me - They actually go over the knee like they do on the little girl models lol:

I think they look cute scrunched up though:

This is the front close up - after a few hours of wearing, they haven't lost shape and stay in place pretty well:

The back has the braided design.  Oh and I also love that they are the stir-up style so the bottom stays in place!

The Ivivva logo is pretty subtle on these - on the left one only:

I'm pretty happy I got these!  They look super cute with my Manitobah Mukluks over too.  Now I will be nice and toasty for this week.  Then it goes back up to the 80s next week (that's seriously what they are forecasting) and these will sit in my drawer for a year lol.  This delivery timing is impeccable.

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