Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Second Splits59 Order from Hautelook

After my post about my Splits59 order from Hautelook, I actually went back and placed a second order!  Well, my main reason was to get a different size in the Devon tank, and then I also saw the Sprint V-Back tank that I wanted which I somehow missed seeing the first time.  So then I ordered enough of other items to make the $100 minimum to get free shipping haha.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for my wallet), most of the items did not work for me.  But I am keeping the Sprint V-Back tank!  I love this tank.  I ordered it in 2 sizes - XS and M, because the S was sold out.  I thought there was a good chance I'd have to return both.  But I am actually keeping the size M!  Though admittedly, S would probably have been best.  Oh well, I'm pretty happy with the M for the looser fit!

Here's the XS and M on me side by side - XS on the left and M on the right... not that different from the front actually.  XS is still loose fitting, just a little tighter than the M.

The back straps that go diagonally across are what made the biggest difference for me - the XS on the left here just looks pulled and a bit too tight - the V back portion is very uneven looking.  The M just looks more relaxed and effortless.  As soon as I saw the back, I knew XS was getting returned.

I think size S would have been a better fit because instead of drooping down, the straps would look more like how they look on the Splits model:

But oh well, I'm not mad at how the M fits.  It doesn't even look too loose from the side view, so I'm happy with it.

I also had to get the Devon tank in size M too.  I ordered XS last time and thought it fit too tight and short.  So I went back to order the S.  But as I was paying, it disappeared from my cart!  I didn't even think that was possible because the whole point of adding to your cart and getting a 10 minute count down timer kind of implies you have 10 minutes to complete the transaction.  I still had 4 minutes left!!  Grrrrr!!!  I was very annoyed by this.

Turns out, size M is just too big from the side view and does nothing for me.  So I really did need the small in this style.  But oh well, I shouldn't really be buying another tank right now anyways.

The pictures on the right of the next 3 photos are the size XS from my last order which I posted already - I do prefer size M over XS if I had to pick one.

The back in the M fits SOOOO much better:

I just don't really care for how the M looks from the side... I think I can save my pennies and do better with a different tank style.

And I did!  I actually bought a very light blue colored Ashby tank from ebay a couple days ago!  It's so light that it's almost white.  I don't know the name of this color, but I like it.

Here it is on the right compared to white on the left - very similar!

Ok so anyway, back to my Hautelook order lol... I returned the rest of these because I'm not that crazy about any of them:

Breeze cropped tee in navy - looks good on the model I think:

Not so much on me (size S)... I think it kind of ends at a weird spot on my body and I don't know when I would wear this - I wouldn't feel very comfortable wearing it with no shirt under to the gym:

And I think it looks very blah with a shirt under lol:

Next one that didn't work for me is the Sabrina Legend Singlette in white/navy/glow.  Also size S.  I actually think it fits and feels nice, but I decided the design is not special enough for me to keep now that my drawer space has become hot commodity.

I did like that the back was a different color though - just something a bit more unique:

I do really like Splits59 Sabrina tanks (and I already have 2 here and here).  If I didn't already have so much stuff, I'd for sure have kept this one.

Lastly, I returned the Victory Jersey Muscle tee in blossom/pacific.  I also got it in size S.  It is made of tencel.  I thought the fit was kind of off.  It's an ok top but nothing spectacular.  I don't care for the neckline so much either.  Plus the material seems to wrinkle so easily - this is how it looks right out of the bag:

There's actually mesh under the arms which I did not know before I bought it:

So I ended up keeping only one top from this entire order.  I returned everything else to Nordstrom Rack, and it went pretty smoothly.  That's very nice and convenient about shopping on Hautelook!  

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  1. Hi! What are those camo shorts you are wearing? Super cute.

  2. Did i somehow miss, what are the shorts you are wearing...? they look super cute and i have been looking for shorts for a very looong time. i have a problem with shorts generally as my legs/thighs are very skinny and whenever i wear shorts the opening is very wide and when i lay down, you can see everything (i mean everything...). so i tend to wear boogie shorts from lululemon (which are tight) but also very very short so i then have problems showing too much butt (cheek). those shorts look great on you!

  3. hotty hot shorts in camo? are those new?? I like! I only saw them in black Palm and flowabunga

    1. They came out a while ago along with all the camo stuff. I think they sold out super quick both online and in store! I missed out on them online and had to get them from a facebook selling group. They are super comfy though! You can type them in the search box on the right side of the site to find my original review of them.

      I did see the new ones in cadet.. so pretty! I'm gonna hunt those down. =)

    2. Thanks! :) I asked the girl at the lulu store today and she hadn't seen them ever, but she looked them up and said they exist but are "not available". I will have to look around! Also, I love the camo forme jacket on you too!


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