Tuesday, December 9, 2014

3rd Vince Leather Scuba Jacket - in Mallard!

Over Thanksgiving break, Nordstrom marked down the Vince Scuba Leather jacket in mallard down to $398, from retail price of $995.  It's sold out now, but vince.com still has the size S left for the same price (you can also do an email sign up to get 10% off first order)!  It was such a good deal that I couldn't resist ordering it even though I already have 2 other colors (here and here) in this jacket!  But I also had a $50 Nordstrom gift card that I got months ago from a friend and forgot about, so I used it towards the jacket too which made it even more unresistable.  I thought at the very least I could try it on and then decide whether to keep it or return it later.  It's Nordstrom, so I could always get my money back.

I thought the blue color was beautiful, but kind of shiny looking in their photos.  Luckily one of the reviews complained that it was matte in person vs. shiny like the pics showed.  Well, that works better for me because I wanted matte!  So I ordered it right away.

When this jacket arrived, I took one look and knew it wasn't going anywhere but my closet lol.  I'm definitely going to keep this baby.  I love it so much!  I actually think I like it better than the black one.  The color is a darker navy than I'd imagined, and absolutely beautiful in person.  I got it in size XS which is the same as my other two Scuba jackets.


Though it arrived in this thick and stiff paper protection thing like this, which created some permanent wrinkles in the jacket.  =(  

The wrinkles are not that bad but it's new, so I wanted it to be crisp!  I had to google how to get wrinkles out of leather.  One of the tips I found was to use a blowdryer - it didn't work.  I gotta try ironing with a towel over it.  Does anybody know a good tip to get wrinkle out of leather?

This is what the color looks like under florescent lighting:

This jacket's sleeves are longer than my other 2, which I love.  It's about half an inch longer than my charcoal one, and a good inch longer than the black one.  I actually don't like that about my black one - sleeves are just a tad too short!  I even took it to Nordstrom to see if they could lengthen it and they said no.  

I also think this jacket in mallard runs slightly larger in the chest than the other 2 in the same size, but not a big noticeable difference.  The leather is super soft and nice, I really have no complaints!  I have so many tops and bottoms that would go with a navy jacket.  I've been wearing my other 2 Vince jackets almost everyday lately, so I think this is a good investment!  Plus, I got all 3 jackets for the full retail price of 1!  It's really the perfect jacket for LA's fall/winter.

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