Friday, December 19, 2014

Casadei Almond Toe Pumps in Navy & Pink Patent Leather

On Black Friday, I bought 2 pairs of Casadei Almond Toe pumps from Gilt.  They are $289 for each pair, but Gilt had some extra discounts so I spent a little over $400 for both.  I wanted to keep only one pair, but it's proven to be really hard because I love both!  I knew this was going to happen too lol.  Oh well, I'll just keep both I think!  They are like Christmas present to myself!  I feel ok about it, because I don't really splurge too much on "luxury" items.  I shop on discount sites a lot, and rarely pay full price for anything.  These are deeply discounted from the retail price of $520 per pair, though still pricey.  But whatever, I make a lot more than I spend.  So I'll stop being a cheapo for once!  =D

Besides, I've been looking for a nice pair of navy pumps forever!  They match my new navy Vince Scuba Leather jacket!

I really like Casadei shoes.  These pumps are a great classic style to have.  They will basically never go out of style, which is why I don't feel so bad spending $400+ on them.  The heel height is a good comfortable point (it says 3.25 inches).  I know I will get a lot of wear out of the navy pair.  They are a dark navy which looks almost black in some lighting.  It's exactly what I've been looking for though.  The pink ones are actually not really pink.  I would call them violet or something along those lines.  Obviously they won't go with as many items as navy can.  But they are a great pop of color!

I got both in size 36.  But the navy pair fits a little larger than pink.  However they are both a good fit.  Look how pretty they are!  I'm in love.

These look like they are a bit too big on the back, but they actually don't slide off at all.  I'm kind of worried though.  Leather shoes are known to stretch as you wear them in.  What if they start becoming too big after a few wears?  Hmm... I guess there's always shoe inserts that can help though.

Left foot

Right foot


You can tell the pink ones are slightly smaller:
Left foot

Right foot

I don't know what it is but my feet seem to be getting smaller?!?  Lol.  I used to wear size 7!  Now size 6 is too big in most cases.  I even have shoes in size 5.5.  I do think my feet shrunk when I lost a bunch of weight back in the day.  You know, everything swells when you are bigger, and your feet are no exception.  I went from a size 7 to size 6.5.  But then I haven't lost any more weight and now I pretty much wear size 6 about 95% of the time.  My feet are on the skinny side, which explains some of the downsizing.  But I think there must be other things, like vanity sizing, at play here!  =)

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