Friday, February 28, 2014

Lululemon Hotty Hot Short in Savasana Camo :)

Hehe, I got my hands on the Lululemon Hotty Hot short in savasana camo that I missed out on!  These shorts sold out super quick in the stores around here.  They also have really good reviews online.  I think they are pretty much what I expected based on the pictures I've seen.  They are made of the same ultra swift material as the Speed shorts, but they have a wider leg opening.  So even though they are very short, they don't look that way.  And they are super comfy.  They are the perfect type of shorts that I like to wear to lounge around in.  To me, they look more casual/beachy, rather than athletic/running shorts like the Speed shorts.

I like the reflective stripe down the sides, and the half-moon shaped mesh on the bottom:

Here's a closer up picture of the reflector.  You can also tell by the side view that they are rather loose fitting in the legs/butt.  But the waist is elastic so it is fitted.  These are size 4, my normal size at Lulu.

This is the close up of the front view with the elastic band and tie.  I think the rise is a little lower than the Speed shorts.

The back fits loosely too, and there is a pretty good-sized zipper pocket on the left butt cheek:

I don't know what my hand is doing there lol:

So originally I thought that I only needed either these shorts or the Speed shorts in camo, not both.  But now that I have both, I'm thinking I might as well keep both... lol!  They are different types of shorts for different purposes.  I'd wear the Speed shorts for something like hiking or running stairs.  I'd wear these ones to sleep in!  Ok, confession:  My Lululemon Hot Move short are my go-to shorts to sleep in.  I take them with me on every trip (when I'm home, I either sleep in boyshort type of underwear or my birthday suit lol).  They are kind of like these Hotty Hot shorts.  Both are really comfortable, short, and have wide leg opening.  So I can totally see these for the same purpose!  I just got a big bonus check today (my company year end bonus is paid out 2 months later, and I also got my quarterly bonus today too) so I'll treat myself by hoarding a little (or a lot) more camo.  :)

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  1. I tried on these shorts in black. I agree they are so comfortable and cute. But I didn't think they would be as good as speeds for workouts. I couldn't justify $60 sleep shorts. No bonus for me. Haha

    1. Hahaha.. well... if you sleep in them often enough then it's worth it right?? :P

    2. Haha. So true. If I had found them in cadet blue, I probably would have kept them.

  2. I sleep in one of my Athleta tops...its kind of a waste but its so comfortable.

  3. Omg these are ridiculously cute on you. So glad you scored them!

  4. not sure if i'd wear these to the gym, the opening on the bottom looks super wide. if you're laying down they look like they would show everything...

  5. totally agreed that both camo speeds and camo hotty hot are necessary!!!


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