Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mango Pleated Sheer Shirt

So during the last "Sunday Funday" post, I posted a picture of my new blouse which I am in love with. It is from Mango, which is a really popular store all over Europe, but they also have some locations in the US.  I have a few shirts I bought from there while I was in Europe, and I really like them.  So when I visited the Santa Monica store, I picked up this Pleated Sheer Shirt.  This shirt is so cute, I am crazy about it.  I wore it last week to work and again today!  This is rare for me, since I hate repeating tops so often.  But I just really wanted to wear it again!  Here it is on me:

So it is a semi see-thru super light weight shirt in a gorgeous deep blue color.  It's got pleats down each side in the front as well as one on the back.  I have worn it with pants and a skirt as seen above, and both work for this shirt.  If I don't tuck it in though, it is a bit too loose and flowy for work.

Here are the photos from their website of this top:

Anyway, I'm super into these types of flowy blouses nowadays for work.  This shirt was $49.99 which was a bit more than what I'd like to spend on a work shirt (I'm cheap).  But oh well, I love it and I could wear it a lot.  I find that Mango has pretty cute shirts that fit well, true to size, and are constructed ok, but their skirts fit me pretty horribly.  When I tried a couple skirts on, I just saw lumps and bumps down both sides making me look like I have cottage cheese thighs.  So I'm going to just stick with their tops.  They have some very cute blouses right now.  I think I am definitely going to keep an eye more closely on this store from now on!

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