Friday, September 2, 2011

Ivanka Trump Pinkish Pump & Guess Hondo 3 Black Gold Lace Pump

I was uber bored at work this week and kind of went on a mini-strike because I was not happy with my quarterly profit share amount that I just received. Sometimes I do feel that we are very spoiled in the asset management industry, because of such high bonus structure and we all expect more and more every time. Seriously I don't think anyone is completely happy unless they get at least 100% bonus. But that's just how it is, and I was acting like a spoiled brat for a day. Oh well, I got over it since my boss sort of told me to read between the lines and wait a few months. It sure would have been nice to get more this go around though, since this whole wedding thing is getting so expensive!  The parents have kind of cut us off since we have doubled our original "budget" so it is all us now.  We finally found a DJ, so it's great.  But that adds another like $1500!  Then there's still the crazy honeymoon trip that we are not 100% sure how much my fiance's dad is sponsoring.  Ughhhhh.

So I shopped shoes online instead! Not good for my wallet but it's always a good distraction. I was looking for the perfect pair of patent leather nude pumps forever and thought I had found them on Gilt when I bought the Butter Click Pumps.  But of course within the first hour of wearing them, the heel on the left shoe decided to come off as I was standing around at work.  How embarrassing!  So I complained to Gilt and they let me send them back with no fuss.  Thank God for Gilt's perfect customer service!  Then I was on the hunt again for another pair.  I had seen these Ivanka Trump "Pinkish" pumps at Nordstrom before, but they sell out like crazy and I never saw my size.  So I was really happy to see that they were restocked, and had to get them.

I read the reviews online and most of them said that these run small and to size up.  So I got a size 6.5.  They were delivered today (they were shipped from Vernon which is just 5 minutes out of downtown LA) and they are a little big!!  Poopy.  So annoying.  I should have stayed with my regular size or ordered both sizes since they have great return policy at Nordstrom.  And of course now they are completely out of sizes smaller than 9.  But other than that, these shoes are sooooo perfect!  The color is exactly what I wanted - nude, not pinkish, despite what the name implies.  The height is perfect (3 3/4 inch, perfect for wearing all day without killing my feet), the leather is soft and they are super comfortable!  I *could* stick with the 6.5 and put some pads in, but I rather just get the right size to begin with.  I've made too many mistakes before thinking I can make it work with shoes that are half a size too big, and I end up never wearing them.  So I went online and made a search for these shoes, and found them on as well as for the same price ($125)!  I decided to get them from since they offer free 2nd day shipping.  This way I can keep my Nordstrom 6.5 ones while I wait for the 6 and decide if they are going to be too tight.  Oh yeah, and with I don't have to pay taxes so that will save me about $10 anyway!  Score.

The other shoes I bought from Nordstrom that are just perfect are the Guess Hondo 3 Pumps in black and gold lace.  

I've literally been trying to hunt these down for months.  I first saw them at Bloomingdales, and what's not to love about peep toe black laced pumps??  They were out of my size, unfortunately.  And I couldn't find them anywhere else.  So glad they came to Nordstrom now!  

I ordered these in my regular size 6 and they are an absolutely perfect fit.  I was afraid they would be uncomfortable, since they looked high.  But they are actually only 4 1/2 inch with an inch hidden platform.  So that's comparable to 3 1/2 inch heel.  I think this lace look is so sexy.  And they are a good substitute for the Valentino lace pumps that I am in love with which cost $800!  LOL.  See?  I'm totally fine with the Guess ones for $89 because I don't think the Valentino ones are worth $700 more.  Plus it looks really easy to break your ankle in these.  Ok maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel better.

Anyway, I am really excited about these shoes because I think they will go with a lot of outfits.  Both of the shoes will actually.  Yay for new shoes!


  1. Hey did you notice that Nordstrom now offers free shipping and return shipping on all orders -- YAY!! for guilt free shopping -- I hate having to pay shipping but hate paying return shipping even ore if it doesnt fit! Cute shoes!!

  2. Yep I did notice!! It's so awesome! Gotta love Nordstrom for that. I too, HATE paying for shipping & return shipping, sometimes that defers me from shopping online. I actually bought these shoes the day before Nordstrom started offering free shipping with no minimum. But since my order exceeded the $200 minimum, I still got free shipping. They also included a free return label.


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