Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Funday - Special Edition with Lorna Jane Clarkson!

This week has been awesome for a few reasons:

1.  I took Monday off work to bum around so I only had to work 4 days, and tomorrow is MLK day so no work again! (not having to work greatly improves my mood);

2.  Trader Joe's decided to start carrying the cranberry pistachio mini biscotti regularly, it used to be a holiday season item.  It's amazing lol.

3.  My favorite hole in the wall restaurant that closed for a few months due to a fire has re-opened again.  I was pretty much convinced it was gone for good;

4.  I had such a fun time yesterday at the Lorna Jane sponsored blogger event in Santa Monica where I got to meet Lorna Jane Clarkson - the founder of Lorna Jane, whose clothes I love!  She shared with us her story, how she started the business with nothing 25 years ago (she even sold her house!) and her daily routine to stay fit and healthy.  I love hearing stories of people who've made it.  It makes me think that maybe it will happen for me as well (only if I wasn't such a lazy bum lol).  She's very down to earth and relatable, and she looks incredible!  I have pictures as proof... hehehe.  Here she is with me and my friend Dawn!

We wore head to toe Lorna Jane of course.  I wore the Inspire tank with Sunrise bra under it, and Mosaic tights!  I even switched the shoe laces of my purple Nike Free Bionics to orange, so that it would match my outfit!  I kinda like them like that actually.  Might leave it for a while!

We worked out together with Christine Bullock, who was voted LA's hottest trainer.. and she's smoking!  My calves are sore from her dance inspired moves.  I don't do those moves very often, and the Nike Bionics are NOT made for that lol.  

Then we had brunch together at the True Food Kitchen at the Santa Monica Promenade, which happens to be right across from the Santa Monica Lorna Jane store.  It's a Dr. Andrew Weil's restaurant based on his anti-inflammatory diet.  I actually think it's a very sensible program, not another gimmicky diet.  But it's hard to believe the food is healthy because they taste so good!  It was 80 degrees and sunny so we sat outside on the patio to get some Vitamin D!  My table shared 4 appetizers in addition to each person's entree - hummus, smoked salmon dip, edamame dumplings, and a giant bowl of fresh raw veggies with 2 types of dip.  For main course, I got the ahi tuna sliders.  Everything was amazing.  I had been to True Food Kitchen for dinner a long time ago, but I think their brunch is definitely better.  Must go back soon!

Oh and they have all kinds of yummy lemonades.  I had a cucumber honey lemonade!  I have a weird thing for green drinks.

Great day!  Followed by some shopping afterwards which I will have to touch on next week.  :)

Now, onto this week's workouts and outfits!  My trainer changed my workouts to full body circuits.  I have 2 circuits that I alternate, 4 times a week total (so 2 each).  I really like them because they are no joke!  But I get annoyed when people use the stations I need when I'm doing something else.  I don't like leaving a towel or something on a machine for an hour just to keep it to myself, and I actually find it really rude when people do that - you don't own the gym!  But some people sit on one machine for like 20 minutes!!!  All I see is them sitting, not actually using it.  I guess they do 1 rep with 20 minute rest or something.  So irritating!  It's not always feasible to ask them if I can jump in, since a lot of machines I need require loading and unloading weight plates and it's just too much work to switch back and forth.  So I just find something else that's comparable.  But the whole process gives me anxiety!!! 

Oh a separate note, a guy at the gym told me "wow you have a lot of gym clothes".  Ehhhh... you know it's bad when guys start noticing things like that!  In my experience, unless they are gay, they typically think everything looks the same.  :)

Monday 1/13
What I did:  Circuit 1!  It starts with 4 straight sets of bulgarian split squats, then a 4-set circuit consisting of about 6 different exercises that cover the whole body.  I did my 30 minute cardio session on 15% incline treadmill afterwards.

I love the Tone Racerback for circuit workouts because it's so thin and open!  Super appreciated for sweaty workouts.  As you can see here, it dips pretty low in the back:

I wore the Splits59 Viper Dismount pullover as to and from:

Tuesday 1/14
What I did:  Circuit #2.  It's pretty similar to circuit 1, but more intense!  It starts with hip thrusts and then 4 sets of 6 exercises, then 3 sets of 2 arms exercises, then 3 sets of these body complex things which are a series of exercises done back to back with light weight.  Then I did my cardio session again.

Zobha Biker jacket as to and from:

Wednesday 1/15 - Rest day!  I wore my new Express sweater to work - the Bateau Neck Sheer Stripe sweater.  I was going to exchange the XS for a S, but I decided to just keep it.  I wore a red Express tank under, and Express Wide Waistband Editor pants in black too.  All Express!

Thursday 1/16
What I did:  Circuit 1 again, followed by cardio.

What I wore:  The new Splits59 Danica Liquid Cheetah tank in scarlet!  Omg love it!!!  I put some Lululemon bra cups in between the outside of the tank and the built in bra layer, since it doesn't have room for cup inserts.  They stayed perfectly in place!  I wore Lululemon Power Vinyasa crop on the bottom because I thought what would be better than lace and cheetah print?  :)  Black Nike Free Bionics.

White Lululemon Swiftly LS as to and from.  I love this swiftly over bright colored tanks, but I am normally afraid of doing so over Lululemon's own tanks since you never know when they might start bleeding!  Lol.  I have confidence in Splits59 products because they do quality control and won't sell stuff that bleed.

I also wore another Express outfit to work on the same day!  I really love wearing Express to work since they are always comfortable, fit well, and cheap lol.  I don't want to spend lots of money on work clothes because all I do is sit in them.

I wore this older top - cross-over pleat shell top with the new High Waist Pintucked pencil skirt in heathered gray, and Ivanka Trump Pinkish pumps that match the shirt perfectly!

Friday 1/17
What I did:  Circuit 2 again for the final weight workout of the week!  Then my cardio session again as well to finish that up too.

What I wore:  Lole Spiral tank with Roxy Get Faster crop that I got from the Fitness Magazine blogger event back in October.  I guess I forgot I had them!  First time wearing them, they were actually quite nice!  I like the dark charcoal color.

Saturday 1/18 - Lorna Jane blogger event so I worked out with Christine!  Outfit posted above already.  :)

Sunday 1/19
What I did:  I went back to pilates class for the first time in forever!  I better start going way more often before my classes expire!  It was a great class too!

What I wore:  Lululemon Flow and Go tank in white, with Yogasmoga Run Jump 'n Play crop, and my new wedge sneakers I haven't had a chance to write about yet.  Will do that next week!

Splits59 colorblock jacket as to and from because I just heart this jacket so much:

My pilates studio is in Beverly Hills, so I went to the Nespresso flagship boutique afterwards.  It's actually like 2 stores down from Lululemon.  I think Nespresso is smart for copying the Apple concept.  They have a really swanky looking coffee shop in the front of the store where you can get breakfast, brunch, desserts, and of course espresso/coffee drinks.  In the back of the store they do espresso tastings and you can test out different espresso machines they sell.  How cute.  I would never buy an espresso machine, so I just go there for the food lol.  I had a turkey brie sandwich with this amazing tomato bisque in a shot glass.  Greek yogurt parfait, and a latte with a caramel flavored espresso.

Now that's a good way to start a beautiful Sunday!  Then tomorrow will be another lazy day (after working out of course!) of bumming around!  Happy long weekend everyone!

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  1. I hate circuits that use a lot of equipment. I feel awkward waiting and trying to share the machines.

    The Lorna Jane event looked fun.

    1. Yeah, I hate that too. Luckily a lot of my workouts in the circuits are free weights that require only a bench and some space.


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