Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Omg I'm so tired I wish I had taken tomorrow off work!  LA FitExpo was this weekend and I worked both days for Elisabetta Rogiani's booth.  If you haven't heard of her, she makes couture fitness clothing.  Her brand is the #1 go to brand for fitness photoshoots, so you have probably seen a lot of models and magazine covers featuring her products.  She also makes really awesome 3/4 workout tights too, in many fun colors!  I can honestly say that her fabric quality is the best, bar none.  You can tell by just feeling it.  When you stretch it out, you can tell that it's much denser than other brand's yoga pants.  But it's not too thick and won't make you overheat at all, so it's really great.  I actually haven't worn any of her products until this weekend, so I can't wait to actually test them out during a workout.

I don't think I'll ever work at an event like this again though.  Physical work is tiring!  Lol!  You stand on your feet all day and... my body is just not used to that anymore due to sitting all day at my desk job!  I'm getting too old for this kinda thing.. lol!  But I am glad I did it this weekend.  I saw and met a lot of super fit and inspirations people, many of whom are fitness models, or just regular people in really good shape!  The LA FitExpo is the biggest in the country so there were many rather famous guest appearances there (you can check out their website for the full list of celebrity attendees).  We had one ourselves!  Maria Kang, the "no excuse mom", was at our booth both days.  Many many people stopped by to take photos with her and meet her.  She's very sweet.  If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you probably already saw this picture I took with her during a tiny break when no one else was around!  We are both wearing head to toe Rogiani of course.

Anyways, so before I get my old butt to bed, here are this week's workouts and outfits!

Monday 1/20 - Rest day!

Tuesday 1/21
What I did:  My circuit #1!  Then 30 minute cardio on 15% incline treadmill as usual.  I know you have been asking me to write more detailed workouts and I promise I will do it soon!

I like this tank with these crops, because they both have gray and purple!

The purple in the top is not exactly the same as the purple in the pants, but good enough.  :)

I wore the Splits59 Dallas hoodie in twilight/nude as to and from:

Wednesday 1/22
What I did:  Circuit #2!  Then cardio again.  I only had time for 15 min of cardio, but I figured 15 would be better than 0.

What I wore:  New Lorna Jane Team LJ tank and Victoria's Secret Supermodel Cami bra in sweetest orange. I love the look of this tank but as I mentioned previously, the number and stripes that are heat pressed on tend to be sticky on the stretching floor.  I had to literally peel myself off lol.  I wore deep indigo Lululemon Ebb & Flow crops since they match the navy in the tank.  Nike Frees in violet.

Thursday 1/23
What I did:  Well, it was rest day from weights, but I went to pilates!  I love pilates.

What I wore:  Splits59 Ashby tanks in yucca over white, and Lululemon free to be bra in white under it.  Super matchy-matchy Splits59 Joan B 3/4 tight in yucca on the bottom.  

So, I actually wore the same top to work that day too.  Lol.  But I put the Express oversized drape neck sweater over, and wore it with the Express tweed corset pencil skirt and Sam Edelman Mallory slingbacks.  I think it actually doesn't look like workout clothes at all!  Hehe.

Friday 1/24
What I did:  Circuit #1 again!  Despite really not wanting to go to the gym.  But I made it, yay!  I even finished my cardio.  :)

What I wore:  Lululemon Cross My Heart tank in silverspoon with Beyond Yoga Gathered Legging in mojave and Nike Frees in gray/crimson.

Alo Sport hooded sweater as to and from:

Saturday 1/25
What I did:  I went to do my last workout of the week before heading to the FitExpo.  So I did my circuit 2, and then had to cut short my cardio again!  Oh well.

What I wore:  Splits59 Sabrina Razor in teal/navy/fire, Lululemon free to be bra in faded zap under, and Lululemon Inspire crop in deep zinfandel.  I am really happy with these Inspire crops and very glad I got them.  Love the color!  I wore the Nike Frees in gray/crimson again since crimson goes so well with the orange "fire" color of the tank.

I love this tank... the fit is relaxed but still flattering.  

I was supposed to do my 20 minute stadium stairs workout today, but I didn't make it.  I was too tired from yesterday so I slept in a little.  Then all I had time to do was have brunch and then headed to the FitExpo again.  Didn't get home till like 8:30 pm!  I feel like I didn't really have a weekend!  Then I still have 5 more work days to go.... whaaaaa!  :(  Time to head to bed.  Goodnight everyone!  Hope your weekend was more relaxed than mine!

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  1. OT- did you see the new greenish wee space wunder under crops? What do you think of them?

    1. I actually think they are some of the better space dye patterns I've seen. I'm not normally a fan of space dye. This one is not bad. I don't think I'll buy though... I have to look at them in person, or at least better pictures.

  2. The expo sounds fun! I have been meaning to check out Elisabetta Rogiani's yoga pants and crops after seeing them in Yoga Journal.

    1. I tried them on at Equinox a long time ago, but didn't buy because Equinox marks them up a lot. I figure I could just buy from her website for cheaper. Just never got around to it. They are low rise though. I had to pull them up a few times throughout the day and I was only standing and sometimes bending over. So I'd imagine they might slip during workouts.... unless they stick to me after I start sweating lol.

  3. I just have to stop in and comment - WOW!! You look absolutely amazing, girl!!! Seriously, you are such an inspiration for a late 20's/early 30's, full-time working girl like me. Love your blog and love your message!!!

  4. I loved the Deep Zinfandel Inspire Crops when they were out, but was trying to be "good" and passed since I have so many crops it is ridiculous. I had been wishing I had purchased them for awhile when I saw you wearing them again in this Sunday Funday. So...I came across a pair on eBay. Super happy when they arrived in the mail today! And, for only $67 NWT with free shipping, a pretty darn good deal. Thanks for all your reviews on everything! Hope your back is feeling better too. Injuries are such a bummer when working out is a non-negotiable. Hopefully your few days off will help you be back much sooner!


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