Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nike Camouflage Burnout Tank

First of all, I updated my sale section with tons of new stuff... workout clothes, jeans, jackets, work skirts. etc.  A lot of things are too big for me now so I'm trying to clean out my closet!  Check it out!

Secondly... I bought another burnout tank!  Lol.  It's the Nike Camouflage Burnout tank.  It was sold out everywhere a while ago (Nike, Nordstrom, etc.) except Sport Chalet.  It just went on sale today too!  I'm gonna have to take mine to get a price adjustment because I paid full price of $35 and now it is $26 which is much better.  :)

I love burnout tanks to workout in, and I love camo!  The camo print is subtle though.  It comes in both black and light gray, and I debated which to get and ended up getting the black.  The gray was nice too though!  I might get it as well now that it's on sale.  I really like the style of this tank.

I got it in size S.  I tried on XS first and it was too tight for my liking.  S fits great though!  Go get it!!

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