Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Funday!

I have good news!  The escrow on my condo officially closed on Friday, so it is all done now!  I'd say that was a pretty quick process, considering the buyer came and looked at it during the first open house (we only had 2 open houses total and 1 private showing) that was the day after the condo went on the market.  So you could say it was sold within a day!  But all the bids had to come in and we had to negotiate back and forth so we really struck a deal a week later.  Still though, it was much faster than I thought and I am very pleased!  This is definitely a seller's market like they say.  The bids all came in at above asking price.  But there are so much expenses associated with selling a property!  The realtor fees alone were 5% of the sell price.  Then there were a bunch of transfer taxes, document and recording fees and miscellaneous expenses.  I also paid to get it staged as well.  It all adds up!  But anyway, I feel pretty relieved that it's all over and done though.  This is definitely not a process you'd want to repeat often lol.

Anyway, other than that, my week was pretty normal!  Just kept pushing with my weight lifting hoping to build up a good base of muscle tone!

Monday 9/2
What I did:  Weights, lower body, followed by 30 minutes of my usual interval cardio session on the treadmill at 15% incline.

What I wore:  Lululemon Flow and Go tank in faded zap, with Lululemon Ebb & Flow crop in black and Nike Frees in violet.

Since Monday was Memorial Day, I had the day off work.  I went shopping!  Here's my shopping outfit - Express Burnout Racerback Elastic Waist Dress in bahama coral, with BCBGeneration Tapis sandals in pink canvas.

Tuesday 9/3
What I did:  Upper body weights, shoulder and tris, followed by 30 minutes of interval on treadmill.

What I wore:  Lululemon Scoop Me Up tank in caspian blue, with Lululemon Snap Me Up crops in black pique and same Nike Frees as Monday!  I love these shoes!

Wednesday 9/4
What I did:  Back and bi, followed by 30 minutes of treadmill!

I do negative chinups on Wednesdays for my back/bi workout.  This is super cheesy, but I literally had no upper body strengths growing up so I never thought I could even do a push up.  Now I'm doing negative chinups with "Believe" on my ass!  Haha!  Now that I'm 30, my body is so much stronger and healthier than ever before!

Here's my monochromatic work outfit from the same day - a black button down shirt from Express from a looooong time ago, and Calvin Klein colorblock pencil skirt, with Vince Camuto Jiris sandals.  I love this skirt because the colorblocking is super slimming.  So smart.  It is kind of big on my in the waist now that I'm leaning out.  Luckily hips still fit perfectly - my squats and lunges are making my butt bigger lol.  So this should be an easy fix for a tailor.  I gotta get it taken in, because I love it!

Thursday 9/5
What I did:  My rest day from weights, so I took a pilates class.

What I wore:  My Beyond Yoga outfit!  Elastic Sweep tank and Essential Long Gather Legging in red.

Friday 9/6
What I did:  Back to weights again!  Lower body super set.  This one always gets me!  I'm feeling pretty sore still.  I was going to do my last cardio session but I was beat!  And it was Friday night, so I went home to eat.  :)

And this is my work outfit from Friday - I love this Calvin Klein satin collar 3/4 sleeve polo shirt.  It is so comfy but the satin collar really dresses it up.  Perfect for Friday!  I wore it with this old Express tweed pencil skirt and my Vince Camuto Dacoma pumps in hurricane gray pearl patent matches the outfit so well!

Trying to show here that the heel of the shoes are the same color as the top lol:

Saturday 9/7
What I did:  I did the last weights workout of the week - upper body super set.  I was going to do my last cardio session afterwards but the round took like an hour and 15 min so I kind of wanted to get out of there and head to the 7 for all mankind sample sale... haha.  Besides, I planned to play tennis today anyways which counts as cardio!

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in heathered angel blue, with Victoria's Secret supermodel cami bra in sweetest orange under it.  Lululemon Power Vinyasa crop and Nike Frees in crimson again because it matches the bra!

Sunday 9/8
What I did:  I played tennis for like 2 hours with the ball machine!  

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in white jacquared mesh and Lululemon Run Jog skirt in pig pink, with my new tennis shoes that I bought today from Big 5!  I've been playing tennis with my running shoes which is really not a good idea.  So I finally bought some!  They were cheap too.  I got the Wilson Court Pro Hope II shoes, which were on sale for only $39.  They are the breast cancer edition, so they have cute pale pink on the trim that is pretty much a perfect match to pig pink!  :)

It's been super hot here lately so I haven't been wearing any long sleeves.  But I actually put on the Swiftly 1/2 Zip in ultra violet afterwards when it got dark and I made a quick Trader Joe's run!

And that is the end for this week!  Have a good night everyone!


  1. I seem to recall that you might have used a sniper to win something on eBay awhile back. I was wondering which one you used! :) thanks! Congrats on closing on your place!

  2. You look awesome! Monday was Labor Day. :)

    1. Oh yeah... I think I've been saying Memorial Day for some reason... LOL! Maybe I'm hoping summer is starting and not ending! hahaha


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