Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lululemon Run: Jog Skirt in Pig Pink

My latest ebay order came and it is the Lululemon Run: Jog Skirt in pig pink!  I have been playing tennis a lot lately, so these running skirts are really good for it.  They are also good for golf too since it's been so hot here lately and playing golf in the 100 degree heat requires as little clothing as possible.

I only have 2 running skirts up until now - the Jog Skirt in coal, and the Energy Skirt in potion purple.  I went to the Lulu store and tried on the Pacesetter skirt, but it doesn't look good on me - it is a few inches too long I think.  Not sure if they can hem it or not, I didn't ask.  It may be too much work.  So I was happy to find a jog skirt on ebay in a pretty pink color.

I actually like this newer version of jog skirt better than my old coal one.  The material is stiffer, so it stays in place better.  The waistband is coal and white stripes.  I like the pink and gray color combo.  Here's a close up:

I can't wait to wear this and test it out!


  1. This is super cute! I just received a pair of blush quartz speeds from eBay, they look great with orange, but now I'd like to pair them with white after seeing this pic! Also - I thought I didn't like the pacesetter either, but I sized down and was much happier. Maybe try that :-)

    1. Thanks! Maybe I'll try the pace setter skirt in a 2 and see if I like it better. Hopefully the waist wouldn't be too tight!

  2. but, luckily, i got this great book as a present when i was in cooperstown, and i cannot wait to start making some of these cupcakes! white golf skirt from flirtee


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