Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Funday!

I went for a quick weekend trip to Vegas, and just had a 6 hour drive back to LA!  Traffic was horrible getting out of there.  Ugh.  I should never drive back on Sunday afternoon from there again.  It's pathetic because the reason I left so late was because I went to Bucchanal buffet and sat there for like 4 hours... LOL!  If you haven't heard already, it is the new #1 rated buffet in Vegas, at Caesar's Palace.  It was constructed for 17 million, opened about a year ago, and boosts 500 different dishes daily.  I gotta say, it was pretty amazing.  It's very beautiful, first of all.  The food was great, and they let you pay $15 extra to skip the long line!  I don't know about you, but it's totally worth it in my books to pay extra and not have to wait an hour to eat.  The weekend brunch price is like $42, so $57 if you pay to skip line, and it includes bottomless mimosas.  That's not too bad at all, considering most other buffets charge you extra to include mimosas.  I seriously binged!!!  I tried to go for the high price items to make it worth it too, so I had lots of crab legs, sushi, etc.  I was so full at the end that my stomach was hurting.  Hahahaha... trainer must not know about this!  One of my friends who was there also trains with the same trainer and we both stuffed our faces!  It was so fun though and totally worth it!  I mean, after all how often do I do that anyways... I go to Vegas only twice a year at the most and each time I only go to buffet once!  It was also my only meal of the day.  :)

Because of my weekend trip and I knew I wasn't going to get any workouts in while I was in Vegas, I planned ahead and had all my 5 workout sessions Mon - Fri without a rest day.  That is so tough I think.  Both physically and mentally.  I also got my new workouts from my trainer on Tuesday/Wednesday, so I did some new leg workouts on Thursday and it made me sore until about now!  I still feel it a little, and that's unusual for me.  I think it was my hack squat and leg press combo back to back.  Maybe I over-extended myself by using 140 lbs for my leg press...

Monday 9/23
What I did:  Lower body circuit.  Followed by 30 minutes of my cardio intervals.  

What I wore:  Lululemon Cross My Heart tank in pig pink with Lululemon Lab Perennial tight in coal and Nike Free Bionics.  I love these shoes for my lower body weights because they are much more stable than my running shoes!

Tuesday 9/24
What I did:  Upper body weights - shoulder and tri.  Then 30 minutes of cardio!

Wednesday 9/25
What I did:  I started my new workouts with back/bi, which was so tough because he added unassisted chin-ups, followed by negative pull-ups!!  I didn't even think I could do any chin-ups unassisted, because I could never before when I tried.  But... surprise!!!  I did about 12!  That is huge for me!  I couldn't believe it.  I guess I've gained tons of strength from all my weight training!  I also did my 3rd 30-minute cardio session of the week.

I don't really like this tank and bra combo, both style and color wise.  But I packed them the night before and went to the gym right after work so I didn't have any other choices.  I think the colors are too similar yet not similar enough to be worn together.  And I don't like how the bra looks with the tank from the back.   So it's not one of my proudest moments.  Oh well.

My work outfit from the same day - My buttery soft Splendid adjustable tab sleeve shirt with Express high-waist studio stretch pieced pencil skirt.  Sam Edelman Mallory slingbacks.  This skirt is getting a little too loose on my now, especially around the hips.  Sad face!

Thursday 9/26
What I did:  Well, it was supposed to be my rest day!  And I kinda felt like I needed it since my back was rather sore from previous day's chin-ups.  But I figured I'd push through anyway since it was supposed to be leg day and it should not interfere with my upper body recovery.  I then also did my last 30 minute cardio session of the week!

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in raspberry (old old color) with Victoria's Secret Angel sports bra under, and Lululemon Power Vinyasa crops.  Nike Free Bionics again.

Friday 9/27
What I did:  My last weight session!  Upper body supersets!  No more cardio!  Good lord.  I packed and headed to Vegas pretty much right afterwards.  Didn't get there till like 1:30 am lol.

I am beat, going to head to bed now!  I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Did u go to the olympia?? The expo is really cool?..

    1. Actually I went to Vegas because one of my friend was working at the Rogiani booth at the Olympia expo. So it was like a tag-along trip lol. I didn't actually end up going to the expo though, because I got in so late on Friday night and slept in until kind of late on Saturday. Then we felt like we had to do Vegas stuff and visit some casinos and play some poker. So there was no time for Olympia! I wish I could have gone though... I hear it was really cool. Maybe next year!


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