Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Funday!

Today is an extra fun Sunday because tomorrow is a holiday so no work for me!  Yay!  I was considering a last minute trip but still have not decided where to go so it's probably not going to happen.  I know this sounds a little crazy, but I haven't been keen to book any trips or vacations because I like the structure of making my own food and my workout schedule.  Food is seriously the #1 concern when you are working towards a better physique.  As for me, if I go a day or 2 of not eating well, I feel the bloat coming on right away.  I feel sluggish and it takes like 2-3 days of clean eating to get rid of the effect.  When you are on vacation, it is so hard to make good choices at restaurants, so it's easier to just stay home and cook lol.  It does put a damper on your social life though.  It's like you never think about how big food and drinks are in any social interaction with people, it's really insane!  So nowadays, I have to be mindful of how often I eat out in order for my hard work at the gym to pay off.  But at the same time, I have to try to balance it out because I also think there is no point in working so hard if I can't go out and enjoy myself once in a while.  I kind of like the 90% rule - so say you eat 5 meals/snacks a day, that is 35 total in a week.  Just make sure 90% of the 35 meals are "good", which leaves you with 3.5 meals of "not so good".  :)  I hope my trainer never sees this.  He thinks there should be one and only one exception each week, and you cannot go crazy and enter hot dog eating contest for that meal!  It's pretty damn hard to do - usually I can hold off decently ok from Monday morning until Thursday night/Friday morning, then I'm like: I want to eat 3 desserts at the same time!!  So I think in order for me to not go crazy, I have to put in little cheats earlier on... hehe.  :)

This strategy has been working out for me I think.  It's been almost 4 months exactly since I started training with my trainer.  I've lost about 10 lbs so far!  But more importantly, I've definitely lost inches.  I wish I had measured myself before, but I didn't so I can only judge from how my clothes fit.  I would guess that I've lost at least 1 inch around the waist, because a lot of my pants that used to fit perfectly are now too big in the waist.  My boobs are smaller too though.  Sad face.  But I do feel pretty great!  I think I gain muscles very slowly, but I have become much stronger from all the heavy weight lifting, so something is happening whether I see it on the surface or not!
Ok, enough digress.  :)  Moving onto this week's workouts and outfits!  I continued doing the kicked-up-a-notch weight training that my trainer gave me last week.  Although I still felt sore after the back/bi workout, I recovered much faster than last week.  It's pretty amazing how fast the body adapts.  I really love all my workouts.  In the past 4 months, I can honestly say I have not missed a single workout that was on my schedule!

Monday 8/23
What I did:  Lower body weights, followed by 30 minute cardio interval session on 15% incline.  For these interval sessions, I basically fast walk for a minute at 4.5-4.7 mph, then rest for 45 seconds at about 3-3.2 mph.  Repeat the entire 30 minutes.  Actually goes pretty fast.

As to and from, I wore my fresh teal/very green swiftly LS:

Tuesday 8/27
What I did:  Shoulder and Tri workout, followed by my 30 minutes interval.

What I wore:  Lululemon Cross My Heart tank in silver spoon with Beyond Yoga Gathered Legging in dusk and same Nike Free shoes as Monday!

Wednesday 8/28
What I did:  My back and bi workout, and 30 minute cardio interval session again!

What I wore:  Oh, totally didn't even realize I had this matchy-matchy outfit in my closet - Lululemon Run: Ta Ta Topper tank in black/groovy stripe nimbus and matching Bandha Crop in soot light with groovy stripe nimbus waistband and edging around the hem.  New Balance Minimus Road shoes.

I wore the Victoria's Secret VSX Sport Angel Sport bra under the tank.  I didn't realize that you could see quite a bit of it in the back!  Oh well.  But let me just be a broken record again and say that Victoria's Secret really knows its shit when it comes to bras, regular or sports.

Thursday 8/29
What I did:  It was my rest day from weights, but I went to pilates class.

What I wore:  Lululemon Dance Strap tank in gold (why doesn't Lulu make beautiful jewel tones anymore?) and Beyond Yoga gathered legging in mojave.  Zigi Kickin wedge sneakers because they are like my pilates to/from uniform!

Friday 8/30
What I did:  Lower body circuit.  Then my 4th and final cardio interval session of the week.

What I wore:  Lole Fly tank in fusion coral with Lululemon Ebb & Flow crop in deep indigo, with Nike Frees in violet.  The shoe laces and tank are a pretty decent match!

Still loving the back of this tank a lot!

Saturday 8/31
What I did:  My 5th and final weight workout of the week.  :)  Upper body super sets.   

What I wore:  Lorna Jane Janet mesh tank with Lululemon spry blue free to be bra under it.  Lululemon Run Fast short in black - I don't normally wear shorts to the gym (because I don't like my legs touching the equipments lol) but it's been SO hot here lately!  Nike Free shoes in blue glow.

Ok, that is all for this week!  I think I will go shopping now.  :)  Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!


  1. My eating is crap when I'm travelling. Busniess and leisure. :P

    How do you managed to have so many meals a day? I'm trying to do it but its such a chore....although I like eating in such a way, its quite troublesome if you have meetings and stuff going on all day, isn't it?

    1. I don't have very many meetings, and I don't travel for work. So it's pretty easy for me to eat on a set schedule. I eat every 2.5 - 3 hours. I love it, if I don't eat within my time frame, I get sooooo hungry!

  2. It seems to take me a long time to build muscle and see a significant change in my body as well. I started doing TRX training 3 months ago and have noticed a lot of changes (amazing for only adding this to my regular routine for 30 min. once a week) LOVE! I generally find weights to be a bit boring (although I can run on a treadmill for an hour no problem!), so prefer things that really mix it up.

    I am also fairly particular about when I choose to eat out since I work so hard to get great results at the gym. When I splurge I like to make sure it is worth it! Lol! Anyway, congrats on your progress!

    1. I love TRX training... it's surprisingly hard isn't it?? I am happy to think twice about what to splurge calories on... I feel like I put a lot less junk in my body this way!

  3. Sometimes it is hard to see change in your own body, but I can tell you are a lot leaner than you used to be. Especially in your waist area. Your legs also look muscular and your arms look toned. Girls don't typically bulk up as quickly as guys do (not that that's what you are after lol!) but you definitely look like a girl who works out hard. Very fit and toned! Your hard work is paying off:)

    1. Awww thank you!! I think you are right, it is hard to tell a difference when you see yourself everyday. Even when I look at my progress pictures, I think maybe I see more changes one week because of lighting or angle lol. I keep telling myself to be more patient and do what I'm supposed to do, and let the rest follow!

  4. Glad you are happy with training plan. If you find a dispersing 'cheats' throughout the week to work, I wouldn't worry too much. Its hard to be good all the time :).

    I have the tata topper, too, and my sports bra never seem to fit under it completely.

  5. You look amazing! I was just wondering. You have such great Lululemon clothes. Can you still wear them now that you are so much thinner? For instance, your Lulu studio crops and pants, etc. Are they too big on you now? I am thinking of starting a regimen but (I know this sounds silly) I'm a little afraid that all my clothes will not fit anymore and there goes a lot of money!

  6. Hmm, I posted this comment but it's not showing up so I hope this isn't a repeat! You look amazing! I was just wondering. You have such great Lululemon clothes. Can you still wear them now that you are so much thinner? For instance, your Lulu studio crops and pants, etc. Are they too big on you now? I am thinking of starting a regimen but (I know this sounds silly) I'm a little afraid that all my clothes will not fit anymore and there goes a lot of money!


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