Friday, September 27, 2013

Lululemon Cool Racerback Slalom Stripe Angel Wing/Hyper Stripe Angel Wing

I ordered the new Lululemon cool racerback in slalom stripe angel wing/hyper stripe angel wing on Monday night and it arrived yesterday.  I really liked the look of this cool racerback because of the edging around the neck and shoulder straps.  It looks a little different from other cool racerbacks, and yet it is still a neutral color that would go with everything.

I ordered it in my regular size 4, but I've got to say, something feels off about it!  It fits tighter and the armpit cut is higher than the other cool racerbacks that I have.  It actually gives me some dreaded armpit fat!  I can pull it down a bit more and then it kind of goes away, but.... no likie!!!

Look how it cuts into the armpit, and is somewhat sheer as you can see my mostly-black-with-some-colors sports bra under:

I'm also not crazy about the bottom hem... why can't they make it straight??  It may not be that big of a deal because I never pull my cool racerbacks all the way down.  I usually just let it kind of bunch up a little at the bottom.  But still!

So I laid this cool racerback on top of an old one that I have (raspberry) in the same size, and as you can see, it is cut smaller by about a quarter of an inch on each side.  That translates to about an inch all the way around, and I think that's quite a big difference!  You can also see that the armpits are cut higher than the old one, though not by as much as I would think judging by the way it feels when I have it on.  Maybe the combination of being cut higher and tighter makes a bigger difference...

Here's a closer up of the tag... it is made mostly of poly.  It is not too soft, but it is not as rough as some of the older polyester cool racerbacks had been.

So I'm kind of disappointed in this one!  I love the way it looks, and the angel wing color is a beautiful cream color.  But maybe I need to try a size 6 and see if it would fit better.  I've never bought a cool racerback that wasn't a size 4 before!  I sure hope this is not the new direction Lululemon is going with their cool racerbacks.  If so, I will be hard pressed to buy another. 


  1. I thought about getting this crb. Kind of glad I didn't. I hate how inconsistent the sizing is. This is just a different color, it should be the same size and cut.

  2. I do like it on you, but it is annoying that it is kind of sheer and made of poly. That being said, it would go great with a lot of things!

  3. i think it looks great on you! i got one in sz 4 and LOVE it. you are right it is smaller than my gazillion other CRBs in sz 4 but i don't mind it as my size 4's are a little big on me - but it is frustrating that the sizing can be inconsistent.

  4. I had the same experience. My size 6 fit more like a 4. Since the fit is snug, the fabric stretches and makes it more sheer than it needs to be. I might size up to an 8, which would be a first. Try a size up and see if you like it better!

  5. I don't think I would have noticed the fit issues if you hadn't pointed them out, but that's frustrating when sizing varies so much within a brand. Especially when you prefer to order online (like me) and then have to waste time dealing with the return/exchange. P.S. I'm linking over to you today on my Express Style Inspirations list. :) (Still working on the other feature I emailed about!)

  6. You're totally right! I thought it was just me. I got my normal size 4 in the angel wing & black stripes. When you lay them on top of each other the black one is even smaller. But when wearing them I can't tell so much on the black but the angel wing felt tight. I exchanged the angel wing today for a 6 & it's much better. When I compare the 6 to my other size 4 CRBs they are the same.

  7. I was told by the educator that it ran small. I haven't been lifting as much these days, so it wasn't too tight in the armpits....but it felt like it had compression. If I gain any weight it might be too big.

    I hope they don't jack the fit of the CRBs. I have always been the same size in CRBs....the only think I check for is the sheerness. I hate when the fabric is so thin that my waistband makes it look bumpy.

  8. I'm between a size 4 and 6 in Lulu and I usually go with a 6 for CRBs as I like it a teensy bit looser. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that gets armpit fat, I thought I was just imagining it. I don't like it all that sheer and despite the high polyester content, it's soft enough for me. I realise it must be difficult to get sizing the same with different fabrics/dyes/prints, but it's so frustrating when you think an item of clothing is a reliable fit, then realise it's slightly tighter/looser. I purchased a size 6 in the plum Ebb to Street tank (like I said, I like the looser fit) for casual weat but went up to an 8 for the same tank in black because of the way it cut in under the arms and gave me armpit fat. Wth, Lulu.

  9. Apologies, I meant "I don't find it all that sheer"


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