Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sequin Panel Silk Tank in Cabernet from Hautelook

I have not ordered from Hautelook in like 6 months!  And before that I hadn't ordered for 4 months.  I think it's because they stopped sending me daily emails for some reason!  Probably started happening when Nordstrom bought them.  So no email means I don't get on their site anymore.  But I was bored last week and decided to take a look, and actually bought this sequin panel silk tank in a color called "cabernet".  So as you can guess from the name, it's a beautiful deep burgandy.

It arrived today.  Oh yeah, I forgot that they are located here in LA so I get my orders the next day which is really nice.  So this top is a size small, and it does fit loosely as is the style.  I think it actually works really well with my Lululemon Tech Mesh Tights lol.

So the front has 2 panels like a curtain lol.  The middle part is just silk with no sequins.  

I think it will be an easy top to throw on and pair with pants or skirts, and with or without a jacket over.  It was only $25 so not bad at all.  I'm really loving this colorway for fall!

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